The Top 100,000+ Mobile Wallpaper Images

The Top 100,000+ Mobile Wallpaper Images


Hello friends welcome to tech in Telugu website Hindi article we are going to learn about how to select a best wallpaper for our mobile The Top 100,000+ Mobile Wallpaper Images

The Top 100,000+ Mobile Wallpaper Images : 

  • Friends, most of us have a habit of setting wallpaper in mobile.
  • In that case, they go to the browser and search here and there to set a good wallpaper, because if a good wallpaper is found anywhere, it is the mobile wallpaper.
  • But no matter how much you search, you can’t find good wallpapers in 3D, so today in this video I will tell you about a good application.
  • In this application we have good 3d wallpapers but if you want you can make the wallpapers difficult.
  • You can change the style of the wallpaper or its color




Fullscreen wallpaper for mobile : 

  • Now let’s know how to download that application, how to use it after downloading and how to create wallpapers.
  • You need to download this application i.e. open the play store application on your mobile.
  • Then press on the search button and type tapet wallpapers generator in it.
  • That’s it, you will see this application, under the application you will have a button called install, press on it.
  • This application will start downloading to your mobile, the application is very good, the rating of the application is also up to 4.7.This application has been downloaded up to one million so far.



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HD wallpapers for mobile download :

  • Once you download and open the application, the application will ask you to login, you can log in if you want, or below you will see a May Be letter, press on it and then You can also login.
  • Then you will see some options below which will show you on the screen.
  • Greetings just a short intro to the magic of tablet it’s all generated to perfectly match your screen swipe up to generate a new wallpaper
  • swipe down to generate the previous swipe right to change the colours swipe left to change a pattern the apply button will set the wallpaper
  • and exit the app patterns effects is possible it is automatic check the settings for additional options shortcuts land tab the app icon for shortcuts you can drag and drop.


Free HD phone wallpapers to download for your phone :

  • After all this you will enter the main interface of the application and you will see three options in the application called Patterns Colors Effects.
  • So far, as I have told you above in English, no matter which side you do, the patterns on that side will change and you can change the colors you like.
  • If you press on the first pattern option, you will get different patterns here. After that if you press on the colors you will like the factory you have selected.
  • You can also go into effects and give it the effect you like.

The greatest HD cellphone wallpapers :

  • Now after you have created a wallpaper through the above mentioned settings you have to set it as your wallpaper i.e. below you will see a tick mark above it press.
  • In this way you can create any wallpaper of your choice and set it as your mobile’s wallpaper.
  • Also, there are many types of settings in this application, what are they?.
  • You can set the wallpaper that you have created to change every 15 minutes or every hour, for that you have to go to the settings and go to the options in the settings.

Settings In this Applicaiton : 

  • Once you are in settings you will see below options what they mean.
  • Wallpapers interval
  • Wallpapers size
  • wallpaper target
  • use personal photos
  • Saving and sharing
  • image size when saving
  • image size when sharing advance
  • In this way, through the above mentioned settings, you can set the wallpaper that you have created to be changed once every 15 hours or once every hour for 15 minutes.

Finally Conclusion :

  • In this way, if the wallpapers created by you are set as the wallpaper of your mobile, your friends will be shocked when they see it.Moreover,
  • they will ask you where you got such wallpaper and how you created it,
  • then you can also tell them.If you also want to download this small application and create a wallpaper as I said and set it on your mobile too.
  • You will see the link related to this application above the download button below, if you press on it, the application will be downloaded and you can use it.



Download The Application here


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The Top 100,000+ Mobile Wallpaper Images


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