lock device perfectly

How to lock device perfectly and mobiles apps

How to lock device perfectly and mobiles apps


So basically we do apply our Locking system on mobiles such as some body will set pattern, pin, passwords, and fingerprint, face locks but this locks can easily unlock other person once they seen hidden, thats we bring the new locking manner which no one can access phone with out your permission, compulsorily see total article paragraphs & read matter about this marvelous trick How to lock device perfectly and mobiles apps.



How to lock device perfectly and mobiles apps :

  • commonly we can setout the normal basic locks.
  • when others see it unfortunately then they open your mobile easily.
  • obviously you know what would be the problems gonna happen after Your mobile got accessed.
  • what your doing with mobile, and data secret things, pictures, videos, chatting, numbers, whatsapp, social media affairs everything will leaked.
  • so all major issues will happens with your data and their is a possibility to share your data etc which revealed out guys.
  • to apply a permanent break from this issues you should have to use this excellent application.



lock device perfectly



Amazing benefits about application :

  • on this paragraph we tell some of advantages from app which helpful to you.
  • it has unique feature through it we could set Gesture lock, mostly it available on many phones.
  • so with it we have draw some sign or your initial & name starting letters etc.
  • of course no one draw this type of your own gestures even though they see your gesture for many times.
  • In addition Nextly apply lock on your personal apps which of most data in it by gesturer, pin, password etc..
  • who don’t know you and tried to unlock device, after some attempts you get the pic of him with applications, new feature.



Downloading procedure of lock device perfectly app :

  • So this channel’s regular viewers may know the installation process completely.
  • but who here are new they can’t from where do we get app.
  • Because of it we repeat the process just skip it who known already.
  • first move forward with playstore programme, it usually takes place in google files folders friends.
  • then see at upside the searching tool will appears there over.
  • in empty bracket Type the Perfect App Lock ( App Protector ) with the help of keyboard guys.




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The Main Info About App :

  • Morrison Software management is creator & founders of this lock device perfectly programme.
  • on 2010 October 22 to they were running app superbly in playstore.
  • Overally the last updates from app department launched on 24-November- 2022.
  • those who are holding above 4.4 android Versions and upper, easily their mobile can run app without lagging and errors.
  • it has 3.9 ratings with 2lakhs plus reviews & additionally 1 Crore people downloaded it successfully.



Installation after :

  • it might be downloads very faster due to its size approximately it takes only 8.7 mb of storage friends.
  • then app working service will started & beginning only shows the Numbers pattern and words say that app is locked enter password to unlock.
  • So in green shade hint also given to open app, just type 7777.
  • in other step it request android permission click go settings screen.
  • from usage access page allow this lock device perfectly permission & back to this platform guys.
  • In additionally after coming backwards accept videos, pictures, location storage permits continently.



lock device perfectly



Using procedure of lock device perfectly App :

  • Actually three variations of features are provided in lock device perfectly program.
  • in count vise & as well as in Alphabetical orders all apps shown in App Lock Section friends.
  • So on every app beside at right side you observe the locking methods.
  • obviously apply what ever lock is easy for you, in your point of view.
  • Literally with side of fingerprint, triangle option we could set error pop-up for application.
  • when who try to open it assume it that app not working properly.



Watch Dog feature working method in lock device perfectly App :

  • Basically this feature is mind blowing one it works find who are touched your mobile as well as who tried to unlock device.
  • To run this fantastic feature you should grant front camera allowance to capture.
  • photos will taken after three attempts failing to unlock.
  • when incorrect password input is confirmed with ‘OK’ or Clear button and when wrong pattern is drawn.
  • In below empty page of all recorded pics will stored, so presently they dont have here friends.



lock device perfectly



Lock device perfectly Conclusion :

  • This kind of apps tricks and information will provided on our channel.
  • Daily we will come with new article , along with unknown tricks guys.
  • follow us and know every day a unique feature in mobiles.
  • finally this is the explanation about this marvelous lock device perfectly app.
  • lets us gather again in other article untill than take care bye.





How to lock device perfectly and mobiles apps


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