How to generate any photo using ai online

 How to generate any photo using ai online


Hello friends welcome to tech in Telugu website in this article we are going to learn about how to create a photo at Ram Mandir How to generate any photo using ai online

How to generate any photo using ai online ?

  • Friends, as I told you above, today in this article we will learn how we can create a photo that looks like we are near Ram Mandir and that too using an AI.
  • We don’t need to be a professional editor to create a photo in this way, simply using a small application and using a little coding we can create such photos.
  • That’s why in this article, let’s learn in detail about the application that we should use, how we should use it, how we should create the photo we like.




How can I use AI to generate images?

  • In this way, the name of the application that we are going to use to create a photo using Ai, Bing, comes up and we have an application related to Microsoft.
  • You can download this application through Play Store If you go to Play Store and simply search for Bring Chat with AI and GPT Four you will see this application.
  • Then you will see an option called Install below Simply press on it and you can download this application.
  • This application is related to Microsoft Corporation so we can download and use it without any tension.
  • The rating of this application is also very good, this application has been downloaded up to 50 million so far

your queries :

Can AI generate a photo of me?

  • Once you download and open the application, you will see an option that says Welcome Bing Wallpaper Takes You Everywhere and below
  • that you will see a button that says Get Started.
  • Then you will see the main interface of this application, as you have seen above, it is called Daily and Gallery.
  • Nothing to do with the options we see here, if you look below you will see five new options.
  • News copyright tops apps Now you have to select the last option called Apps and now you have to create an account in this application.
  • You will see profile button above for you press on it


How do I generate a random AI image?

  • Then you can create an account through your mobile number but otherwise through your Gmail account After creating an account,
  • here you will see many options in the tab called Explore, in it press on the image option.
  • After pressing, you have to give a text in the box that you see about the photo you want to create from here.
  • Now you will see that text below, simply copy this text and paste it in that box.



Ai Code : 

Generate a three-dimensional depiction portraying Lord Shree Ram returning to Ayodhya, adorned with a bow and arrow on his back. Enthusiastic crowds greet him with flowers, seeking blessings. In the foreground, a young teenager named “Harish” sits, clad in a saffron T-shirt, hands joined in prayer. Bold white letters on his back spell “Abhay” and the newly constructed Ram’s Temple stands proudly in the background.


How do I get AI photos?

  • After putting in the box, once you press on the Create button, four photos will be created here If you like any photo in this,
  • download it, if you don’t like any photo, press create again and you will get four photos In this way,
  • you can continue creating in this way until you get a photo that you like We have some coins in this application
  • and as long as you have those coins you can continue creating photos from here.
  • If the coins count is exhausted it will reload after 24 hours You can create photos again after 24 hours


Everything you need to create images with AI !

  • You can directly download the photos created in this way from here, if they don’t download when you download,
  • you can also take a screenshot.In this way, you can create photos as you like by giving the comments you like in that box So now this application
  • that we are using is an application related to Microsoft so we can use this application from here without any tension
  • When you create an account in this application, an OTP will be sent to the gmail or mobile number you provided or a verification link will be sent through which you can create the account.

How to generate any photo using ai online ?

  • Then you will get some options to confirm whether you are robot or human, clear them and your account will be created here.
  • If you don’t want to use this application, you can use the same browser and try this way If you want to download and use this application,
  • the link related to the application is in the download button below and you can download this application by pressing on the download button.
  • If you like this small application then share this article with your friends and comment below how you like this application.



Download The Application Here


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How to generate any photo using ai online


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