Endoscopic Camera

Get Best Endoscopic Camera In Cheapest Price

Get Best Endoscopic Camera In Cheapest Price


Hello Friends Today We are Explain the Whole Details and Using Procedure Of Endoscopic Camera and Bringed Best Cheapest Endoscopic Camera, Through This Able To View That We Cant see Areas and Below All Explanation given Get Best Endoscope Camera In Cheapest Price.



What Is Endoscopic Camera :

  • This Endoscopic camera is Actually Used To Find Unknown and not Seen Places Friends.
  • It Is totally Different Camera, It is Flexible And Containing Cable Wire.
  • Literally Looks Like Thin Snake Guys, and there are Two Types Of Wires will Have In Amazon.
  • Have 1,2 Meters Cable and 5 Meters On Article We are Giving 5 meter Cable Link Below Article Friends.
  • Comes With Water Proof and Able To Check Under Water upto 30 Minutes.
  • Supports al Android Devices With OTG and UVC Mobiles.



Endoscopic Camera



Specifications Of This Endoscopic Camera :

  • Coming With Waterproof Resistance IP67 No Problem From Water easily Check Under Water With Camera.
  • On Camera 6 LED Adjustable Whites Lights Are Given To View Photage Clearly At Dark Places.
  • Taken Videos and Photos Will Directly Saved In Internal Storage Nothing To Bother Friends.
  • Will Used as camera system, underwater camera, waterproof Micro-cameras, motor vehicle detector, sewer pipeline detector,
  •  And Other Usages are search and rescue, criminal and custom detector, archaeological detect, the PCB detection, home care, aviation and space industries.



Additional Details About This Camera :

  • For Fun Purposes And Experimental View One Youtube Channel Telugu Experiments.
  • On This Channel They Searched For In Snake House Guys, Literally They Found Snake Also and Also Checked In Different Petrol Tank etc..
  • Are Curious to Watch Video Then Search On Youtube Telugu Experiments.
  • It Is Manufactured In India Only Friends and It Has 200 Grams Weight.




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About Camera Megapixels :

  • Cable Length Will Provides Upto 2m 5m cable & Lens Diameter: 8mm
  • Resolution is About 640 x 480 ,1280*720/960 and View angle: 67 degree
  • Camera Sensor Size is 1/9 inch & Frame Rate 30fps
  • Photo format JPEG & Video format  AVI
  • Then Coming To Windows XP/7/Vista/8/Win10 or Android 4.0 & Support android phone has OTG and UVC functions.



Any Accessories Comes With Product :

  • Mainly They Provide 5 Meter Length Cable With Attached Camera.
  • All Details and Information to Use Step By Step Given and Printed As User Manual Comes With Camera Guys.
  • If Your Difficulty To Find App Then We Give app Link Description Download it From Friends.
  • Small Pin Attachments Given To Attach with Camera Because Protect And Easy To Remove Outside.
  • Magnets Also Given In Box To Attach Pins and Above Magnet.



Endoscopic Camera



Any Application Required :

  • Firstly Before Plugging Phone Need To Install App From Scanner Or App Name Is Provided in User Manual.
  • Even Still Don’t Understand How To Download App.
  • Then Simply Open playstore and Search Usb Camera App And Download App.
  • Then Start Using After Connected with Mobile OR Laptops.



Value For Money :

  • Of course Guys , You Will Satisfied After Buying Camera Because It Comes At Cheap and Best Range Price.
  • Connect Easily With any Phone Whether It IS D Type Port or C Type Guys.
  • Finally Price Is Around 1399 Means 1400 Very Reasonable Price And Budget Range Friends.
  • From Best Brand Smars has Developed In amazon.
  • In Addition Connect Laptops to Beautiful And Clear View Compared To Mobiles.





Finally Conclusion About This Endoscopic Camera : 

  • I Hope Everyone Have Understand Endoscopic Camera Using Format and Full Information Friends.
  • To Purchase It We are Given Product Link in Our Description, on Clicking Link Directly Redirected To Camera in Amazon.
  • On This Channel We Explain About Cheap and Best Products Which Are In budget Range Friends.
  • For More Products Reviews and Details, Links, Please Follow Our Channel And comment Below How Did You Like The Product.
  • Finally Lets See You Later On Bringing Upcoming Best Products, Thanks For Reading Article Guys.




Endoscopic Camera

 Get Best Endoscopic Camera In Cheapest Prices


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