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How To Hide Lover Chat On Whatsapp Do This Settings

How To Hide Lover Chat On Whatsapp Do This Settings


If you’re looking for best chat hider settings in whatsapp, this is the perfect place to know those tricks, with trick you’re girlfriend, or boyfriend and other personal chat will not displayed on main chat screen you could set that chat in separate place with out loosing chat messages in whatsapp only How To Hide Lover Chat On Whatsapp Do This Settings.



How To Hide Lover Chat On Whatsapp Do This Settings :

  • usually in whatsapp we do chat with people who are known.
  • in that some of them are from family part, commonly in family groups discussion will runs as well in other groups too.
  • straightly coming to main point that if you have girlfriend then regularly you will chat with her on whatsapp.
  • further your lover chat will shown on top 1st only, because according to time and new messages whatsapp system shows main screen only.
  • if someone see’s that some problem occurs definitely, because who do not know you have a girlfriend will knows by that chatting.
  • thats why to secure that chat in one location on whatsapp, we should download an application.



Hide Lover Chat



Some Benefits :

  • Hide any Chat not only one phone contact how many you require store them at one place guys.
  • secure phone from on lookers, peepers and your boss who keeps on eye on your smartphone.
  • Arrange the theme on hidden chat, others will not recognize and thought that there was an chat having backward of theme.
  • Just give tap & apply theme as mask your chatting’s page & cover without appearing anyone.
  • set mask of theme in private and personal chats by app features.



Installation process of Hide Lover Chat :

  • So Primarily you should move over to playstore which commonly their on all android devices friends.
  • then look for Mask Chat -Hides Chat, Name on the playstore.
  • From droid Keypad -Photo Keyboard, Theme Keyboard application was organized & developed.
  • you might observe 3.7 ratings with 292 reviews, along with 1 Lakh downloads.
  • It specifically takes only 8.4 Mb of storage.




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which permission did application ask :

  • Allow mask chat to access your photos & media, while entering only it shows.
  • Marvelous themes displayed on starting.
  • in down apply and custom theme options provided.
  • after choosing your favorite picture theme do touch on apply to continue next procedure friends.



How to Hide Lover Chat by applying theme :

  • Either you could customize theme or apply ausual shown in screen.
  • to change the theme and want to set your photo instead of that then touch camera or gallery option.
  • Later selecting theme, then touch upper side right corner button & Display over other app permission friends.
  • overally you get the bubble as shortcut from app has gesture.
  • go head to whatsapp when bubble appears then tap and spread the theme for hiding chat friends.



Hide Lover Chat



How to apply mask on whatsapp :

  • whenever you Tapped on Apply option in below theme.
  • then on left corner You’ll see app pop-up.
  • So basically move to whatsapp & Drag the theme.
  • Adjust that according to your need friends thats it.



Hide Lover Chat On Whatsapp Conclusion :

  • In This format app Used Guys Hope You Understand application Using Process.
  • Do Comment If Not Understand or Any Doughts Related Application or Wanted any app Tricks And Procedures.
  • Then We Will make The Article and article According Your Questions Guys.
  • Provide Best Content and Informative Details About Tech, Secrete Settings, Phone Trick And Securing Options And Others.
  • Know Each and Every Updates By Subscribing Our Channel and Keep Supporting Thank you Reading Article Guys.





Hide Lover Chat

How To Hide Lover Chat On Whatsapp Do This Settings


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