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How To Download Old Version Whatsapp

How To Download Old Version Whatsapp


Hello Guys I Hope you are Reading This Article are well and Thanks for opening Our Best article, From this You will Get the Best Old Version of Whatsapp In New and Superb Tricks Lets Talk and Continue In Below, Old Version Whatsapp New Version Superb Features.



Old Version Whatsapp Superb Features :

  • Guys Are You Using Normal Whatsapp Compared To Old Version Whatsapp only a Few Small and minor Settings and Features are given.
  • In Old Version Whatsapp we took Pro Version V 17.20 Friends.
  • By Alex Mods. Com are Provided app At Chrome, and if your mobile android has 4.0, then you Enable and Eligible to Download.
  • It Can be Installed on rooted or Non-rooted Android Devices.
  • The Installation Is Completed When Only Unknown Sources Settings Enabled On Phone Guys.
  • Application Length is only 50 Mb in Size and Easy to Install.



Gb Whatsapp



Benefits Of This Old Version Whatsapp Application :

  • Turn Of Data While Using Whatsapp Without and use easily no One Can Guess.
  • Convert screen to dark mode t o light mode it very convenient at night times.
  • So that our eyes will protected safely when on chatting at mid nights with Whoever girl friend, or boy Friends , Lover etc…
  • Schedule Messages and Sent Your Loved Ones at Wishes Like Birthday or special days and Another wishes.
  • When we are Busy then reply auto any messages to Cool others and set auto reply to Your Friends And Family at Scheduled time.



Disadvantages Without Old Version Whatsapp Application :

  • Only Little and Short Settings, features are placed on Normal Playstore Whatsapp.
  • No Themes and auto reply and Scheduler Messages, Whatsapp Lock, Hidden Secretes Will Not Provided On Old Version Whatsapp Friends.
  • Not Only Above Benefits Guys At Below Steps there are thousands are settings, tricks benefits are written please know it.
  • Follow Below Steps To Download this version.




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How To Download This Old Version Whatsapp Application :

  • Mainly Open Chrome In Your Phone and Next Enter To Google or Directly Touch at Top Search Option Guys.
  • Then type app Name is Old Version Whatsapp and click Search For Find.
  • Tap at Android Waves Website Which Is loaded at First place.
  • Immediately Website Will Loads Now Scroll Upwards, You have Direct Download and Mirror Link Options With Green Color.
  • Simply Press at Direct Download Button, With In Seconds Downloading Started.
  • Give Some Time To Completes 100 Percent Process Guys.



After Downloaded Any Permissions Required :

  • Finally Install App by Giving Permission Mainly For Unknown Sources Installation In Settings Guys.
  • Please Grant Contacts, Notifications, Files, Media , Location, Video, Audio, Images all Permissions.
  • Give Permit For Microphone when On Voice Chatting Guys.



Gb Whatsapp



How To Use This Old Version Whatsapp Application :

  • On Entering After registered With Phone Number wanted to enter Otp For Conformation Friends.
  • If Not Get Otp Please Delete The Normal Version Whatsapp Which You Installed From Playstore.
  • Only One Whatsapp Will Works on One Number May Be Already You Known.
  • After Overed All Permissions and Sign Up Home Screen Of Old Version Whatsapp Will Opened.
  • We Have Excellent Options on Screen friends, Lets Know What Are Those At Below Paragraphs.



Amazing Features In Old Version Whatsapp Application :

  • Primarly From Whatsapp Logo Or Text Icon We Can Lock All Chats and Contacts in Secret Friends.
  • Because If Came First Time Wanted to create Lock Pattern, OR Fingerprint, Pin.
  • Change Anytime When Wanted Locking System As your Wish.
  • Secondly Set Setting On Tapping Settings Icon, hide Or Set To View Notifications, Shake Whatsapp in Chats, Vibrate, Notification Tone, Forward To.
  • Next Feature Is WIFI Icon is Used To Set Airplane Mode, When Its On Cant Enable To Send Or Receive Chatting Messages.



Gb Whatsapp



Gb Settings Super Options Free to Use :

  • This App Has Own Gb Settings That Why all Are Curious To Use Guys.
  • Privacy and Security From This Freeze Last Seen, Change Appearance Of Status to Groups, Contacts, Broadcasts, Custom Privacy.
  •  Set Calls To Personal and select Those contacts or Numbers There calls Only Received Guys.
  • Hide View Status Count Or Mark In Others Phone Whtasapp,When Enabled it Others Will Think You Don’t Seen Status Till Now.
  • But See Status Without Guessing and Knowing Any One.



Themes, Chat screen Changes Options :

  • On Checking This Options In Playstore whatsapp Don’t Have Friends.
  • Change Themes To Look Your Whatsapp Very Attractive and Nice To Others.
  • Add Colors In Home Screen layout with Styles Of Fonts Backup and Restore If Deleted also.
  • On home Screen Set The pop up When Some Comes to Online Or Going To Offline So that Exact Time Of Online Will Knows easily.
  • Change Status Duration From 30 Seconds to Up to 5 Minutes Guys.
  • Also Apply tone on contact Online Coming Time and Finally From Widgets Add Status Contact Color, Status Text Colour, Background.



Message Scheduler Used For :

  • On Touching Three Line At Second This Option Provided tap On for Next.
  • All White Blank screen Shown But at Bottom Plus icon have Placed.
  • Just Press on it Firstly Have to Set Contact Simply Tap and take Contact For Whom Are you Scheduling Guys.
  • Next Select Times and Date and At last Type Message which Did You Wanted To Send To them.
  • Finally To Complete or set Message As Schedule Press on Right Tick At Below.
  • That’s it At Selected Particular Date and time Message Will Sended Guys.



Auto Reply Option Working Procedure In Gb Whatsapp :

  • Same as Above Option It Will Also Shows Blank Page and Tick Mark at Downside Screen Friends.
  • Then Mainly Select Reply If Contains, Equals, To All Messages.
  • Next Enter Message In Normal Type and In Another Step Put Delay Seconds.
  • On third Step Choose Who wanted To Send SMS For Groups, Or Contacts Or Both options Friends.
  • Click Final on Right Tick For Conform Auto Reply To Them.


Download Old Version Whatsapp


Click Here


Overall Extra Useful Features On Dailly :

  • Send Direct Message To Any Number When Not saved in Contacts Or in Phones Storage Guys.
  • Create Community By Using Profiles Icon At Chat Left Side Feature.
  • To Add wallpaper On Chats Just Come to Whatsapp Profile and Click on Chats and select wallpaper By first option.
  • In This settings we have all normal Whatsapp settings as we well known already.
  • With the help Of plus icon directly enter to chats and gb Settings and other  Settings Shortcutly.



At Last Conclusion About This Gb Whatsapp Application :

  • Still Now Any Related app function and Settings Unknown Things are Generated on Your Mind.
  • Then freely Ask In Our Comment Section We Tell The Best Answer and Solution to Break Down Questions Guys.
  • In addition If you have readed article till end Then Special Thanks To Those.
  • To Know any Other Applications Working and Full Explanation Details Just Drop The Query In Inbox.
  • Definitely We Come With those app Guys, Lets Meet Soon Untill Take Care Bye.





How To Download Old Version Whatsapp


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