How To Answer Calls Without Using Mobile

How To Answer Calls Without Using Mobile


Hello Friends Welcome Back To Our Channel Today We will Explain A Simple and Very Useful Trick For any Mobile User ,Normally If You want To Left Any Incoming Call Then You Will Open Screen And Touch the Screen To Talk This Will Works Only Indoor Not For Outdoor In Outside You cant Able to see Mobile screen While Incoming Call name ,So on those times This small app will More Helpful To You friends How To Answer Calls Without Using Mobile.



How To Answer Calls Without Using Mobile :

  • Friends To use this Awesome Trick You have To Download Small Application On Your mobile.
  • We will Explain Whole Working Procedure and Downloading Full Details On this article.
  • This Small Useful Application Is Now Available on Playstore With 4.0 Plus Ratings ,100K plus Downloads and 423 Plus Good reviews.
  • You Dont Need To Pay any payment or Dont Need To Take any Subscription To Use this application Friends.
  • This application Was developed by Sylvia Van Os and they Launched On May 24 ,2020.
  • They also updated the app with More features and Released on March 31, 2022.
  • To use this application You have to Spend Only 1.8 Mb Mobile data To Download.





Benefits Of This Answer Calls Application :

  • There are various Types of Benefits will available on Using the application friends.
  • If You Are in Traffic Then You Dont Have time to Lift the call On those Time Simply You can Rise Mobile Your hand To Ear To Answer.
  • At Office, Busy Work ,or Are At Sunlight You cant have time to Answer Mobile ,then You can Simply Lift Any Call By Rise mobile In Hand Only.
  • You have to Simply take your Incoming Call To ears also automatically call will lifted Through this application.
  • When Your Busy If Incoming calls are coming Continuously Then Just you have Rise Mobile towards Ear without Touching Mobile screen You can answer friends.



Disadvantages With Out This Answer Calls Application :

  • Friends Normally When Incoming calls will Comes Then We simply Use always the Mobile screen To Answer Call.
  • So that It will Not Works At Busy Times Then We leave Some Important call Too.
  • In Your mobile There is no Feature to Rise Call without using Mobile.
  • In this application You have this awesome Features To Answer call Decline Cals by another Method.
  • So without any Delay Lets Start the Downloading Procedure Of This Application Friends.




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How To Download This Application :

  • Friend’s To Download This Application Now simply Open Your mobile and Turn On Mobile For Internet or Connect With WIFI .
  • After Connected With Internet Open Mobile Playstore, On Playstore You can see Search bar at Top of Your screen.
  • Then Simply Tap On the Search bar ,then Mobile keyboard will opened.
  • Now Type Application Name Is Raise to Answer.



Installation Procedure Of This Application :

  • After Typed Application Name then Click on Enter Button Friends.
  • Now Playstore will loads some applications ,On those apps you have to find our application In the Logo Of Emoji With mobile at ear, Developed By Sylvia Van OS.
  • Thenafter Finded out this application Simply Click On it, there You can see Install Option.
  • Now Simply Click on Install Option then wait Some Time to download application



Answer Calls



After Downloaded Application Permissions :

  • Friends After few seconds later application will successfully Downloaded on your mobile.
  • Now On Playstore you can see Uninstall and Open Options ,Simply Click only On Open Option.
  • Then Application Will Opens With The Interface of Permission ,Simply Give Phone calls permission by clicking on Allow Option friends.
  • Friends If You need to give any more permissions Then We will Explain them Detailly later in This Application.



How To Use This Application :

  • Friends Now On Home screen Of this Application You can Various Types Of Features And Options Will appeared.
  • By Default Some Options Will automatically Turn On the app like Answer By Holding Your Mobile To Your Ear and Beep On Incoming Calls.
  • So then You have to Only the Two Features as Ur Wish ,they Are Answer at any angle and Vibrate on Incoming Calls .
  • Now Coming to First Feature This option Used as Answer automatically by holding phone to ear.
  • If Incoming call comes Then Just Take Your mobile to Ear For Lift any call.
  • Next Coming To another feature answer at any angle this option is used to While Incoming Comes You can Answer at Any Angle You sift your mobile.



Answer Calls



More Features On This Application :

  • Then Next Coming To another feature answer at any angle this option is used to While Incoming Comes You can Answer at Any Angle You sift your mobile.
  • Now Coming another Feature is Beep incoming Calls this used to Beep Sound On Incoming Calls So that You are ready to lift by placing on ear .
  • Finally last Feature is Vibrate On Incoming Calls this option is used to Vibrate Your Mobile when Incoming Will received.



Conclusion About This Application :

  • So that’s It Friends Like This Application  will Works On any Mobile With out any Issue.
  • I hope You all Understand this article, Still Any Doughts and Questions related this Application ,are If your Facing Any Issue When Using the application .
  • Then Simply Ask In our Comment section ,we will reply to your Issues as soon as possible.
  • So, Finally Dont Forget To Subscribe and Turn On Notification icon For Every  latest useful application.





Answer Calls

How To Answer Calls Without Using Mobile


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