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How to find Phone by clapping set this settings

How to find Phone by clapping set this settings


Hello my dear friends so this article going to teach a new trick, with the help of it we could find mobile location if you forget, miss somewhere, then just simply give the gestures like clapping hands thats it you’re mobile will rings and alerts that iam here with flash light How to find Phone by clapping set this settings.



How to find Phone by clapping set this settings :

  • when you’re in busy schedule, in work, or in any situation that you can’t find mobile if dropped some where else.
  • sometimes we’ll give mobile to kids for playing games, for parents, & brothers, sisters, classmates, collegues for their need.
  • by diverting to our work we forget where did mobile gone.
  • at the condition we normally do call phone with asking another person mobile.
  • if they give then okay, but if ignored we feel sad and nervous.
  • so without depending on anyone we able to find mobile with simple gesture like whistle or clapping with hands.
  • on all phones this settings will not contain, further we have to take help of application friends.


find Phone



benefits of this application :

  • regularly we use phones in home, office, work, etc.., and put in some location and forget it after sometime.
  • without worrying and bothering, do clapping with hands to find its place.
  • mostly in morning time at the time of office going, we ready, dressup fastly and lastly phone will not find.
  • hope all of us faced this kind of issue in other situations also, but now onwards get the mobile place with clapping, & whistling.
  • when you make signal whistle or clap, then immediately mobile will rings, and notice that location with flash light.



installation procedure of find Phone application :

  • it contains more best features, in that we can apply antitheft alarm to catch who Thefting you’re phone.
  • so coming to installing process, lets open the playstore guys.
  • on top layer in playstore home, you’ll find the searching tool box beside the gmail profile icons.
  • exactly in that we should required to type Clap To Find My Phone.
  • when it renders the logo you might appear with clapping hands in a home.
  • continue with app for next step by clicking on it friends.
  • directly touch on install button and wait for the 100% downloading.




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downloading later any permissions required :

  • in simple steps we tell the major details about app, so it is offered and developed by Background Changer, Eraser & Booth Photo Editor.
  • 4.2 star ratings, 21 mb of size, 1 Crore huge number of people have downloaded yet this fantastic application.
  • lets enter into main part, click open button, then in first step you’ll see start free trial unlimited access features etc…
  • just do press exit (X) icon from left top corner guys, choose the language would understand easily.



using method find Phone application :

  • straightly all the options loaded front of us guys.
  • In different categories & more than 10 features are provided on mobile.
  • so talking about first phase section, find my phone this contains our key features.
  • to set clap finder, go to it and turn on the main option.
  • then accept the privacy policy, recorder, over lay permit etc.. while continuing this option friends.
  • from settings in find my phone option, you could increase the frequency of hearing clap sound, get notification and enable flash for fast recognition.
  • obviously after some time leaving phone aside it locks automatic, so turn the smart mode to alert only when phone locked.



find Phone



superb features on find Phone application :

  • additionally a part from find phone feature, we have more facilities.
  • to get alert when you remove mobile charging or full battery , low battery alarms then choose both disconnect and battery options.
  • talking about other one, when you give normal phone without locking mobile to children then they do whatever settings that dont know.
  • of course our mobile will not works properly and etc.. things will happen in mobile.
  • thats why this app brings new system that is child mode, so whenever you’re going to give mobile to kids at that turn on child mode.
  • thats it, they cant able to open any app or setting just they cant see the wallpaper and screen saver only guys.



settings in find Phone app :

  • to increase the alert volume or want low sound with out disturbing others.
  • at the end of home layout settings appear move to audio option.
  • along with volume we able to boost the speaker sound of call & sms talker.
  • voice speech control and pitch of speech sound etc.. various others options having in app please check once friends.
  • the next block buster feature from find phone, programme is caller name speaker.
  • if you enable this caller talker, in next minutes you could hear the incoming caller name its very amazing feature.



find Phone



find Phone conclusion :

  • in single app You get lot of benefits, & marvelous unbelievable features for free.
  • to use any option, settings they are absolutetly free and dont need to purchase or require to take any subscription.
  • so lets go & download app from playstore or else click download button in below.
  • we’ll meet you on other article soonly, for free tricks must follow our channel.
  • no one tell this type of tricks and tips for mobiles, so please support us guys.





How to find Phone by clapping set this settings

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