How To Calculate Area In Any Mobile

How To Calculate Area In Any Mobile


Hello Friends Welcome Back To Our Channel Today We will Explain How To know Your area size and total measurements on mobile with the help of small application .How To Calculate Area In Any Mobile.



How To Calculate Area In Any Mobile :

  • Friends This Amazing and useful application is now available on Playstore with .0 Plus Ratings,1 million plus downloads and 7k plus plus good Reviews.
  • This application is fully free of cost to use on your mobiles.
  • Application was developed by Testskill management and released on Feb 28 2016.
  • They also recently updated this application with more features and released on Nov 27 2021.
  • You Have to spend only 22mb of Data To use this useful application friends.




Benefits Of This Application :

  • Then You can Check your area size easily with this application, and check perimeter length, and temperature, area, volume, etc..
  • With The Help of Gps You can easily calculate your present area friends.
  • So You Don’t Need any measurements person to calculate your area.
  • You can check any Types of Areas like calculate as 2D and 3d shapes etc..



Disadvantages Without This Application :

  • Friends if you Will check area size by Others measurement persons so they will take some amount to check area measurements.
  • So then you have to pay some amount for them without money they cant calculate your area Friends.
  • In Addition of this Application You Can calculate area on mobile easily friends, so we will explain whole process how does application works.




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How To Download This Application :

  • To Download This Amazing and useful application now simply open your mobile and Turn On your mobile data or Connect to your Wife to download application.
  • On Playstore you can see search bar at top of your mobile screen friends.
  • Now Simply tap on search bar then your mobile keyboard will be opened.
  • Then On that keyboard Now type application Name Is Area Calculator.



Installation Procedure :

  • After typing application name now simply click on enter button friends.
  • Then you can see install option simply press on install option.
  • A few seconds later application will be Downloaded on your mobile friends.



After Downloaded Permissions :

  • Friends Few seconds Latter application will successfully downloaded on your mobile .
  • There you can see Uninstall and Open Options Now You have to click only on Open Option ,Don’t Click on Uninstall Option friends.
  •  After Clicked on Open Option then app will opens and asks location permission then simply click on allow option.
  • Now Thenafter  application Home screen will be opened.



Settings In This Application :

  • For Settings on this application now simply click on settings icon at bottom left side of your mobile screen friends.
  • There You can see Two Settings they are Map type and Prefer area Unit .
  • On this settings now simply tap n map type settings this is used select any Street Or satellite Or Hybrid of maps will available on this application settings.
  • Now Second setting is Prefer Area Unit
  • Setting is used to set square meter, or Kilometer,square mile, square yard, square foot, hectare, acre, Friends
  • From this setting you can use any area type and simply click on Save Option .



How To Use This Application :

  • To use this application Now Simply click on compass option at first place of options.
  • So This Option Is used to check compass of your area easy to know your Axis and latitude and longitude etc..
  • Now simply click on back button of your mobile to check more features.
  • Then Click on second option 2d Area this option used to check Shapes like Triangle, square, rectangle, circle and other etc..
  • Then After this option now simply come back application home screen to check other features.



More Features On This Application :

  • Now Third option is leveler this option is used to check level of your area and other.
  • Next Coming To another option Unit converter this  Is used to know length of area, Temperature, area, volume, Weight and other etc..
  • In addition to other option is Volume this will used to check cylinder, filled cylinder, hollow cylinder other etc..
  • Now Coming To the next option Gps Area You can check area on maps it area size and perimeter and you save by click on save icon at Bottom left side of your mobile .
  • So That’s it Friends this applicati8onworking process.



Conclusion About This Application :

  • If any Issues and problems while using this application.
  • You Can ask freely in our comment section friends.
  • we will answer and solve your issue as soon as possible friends.
  • So, Don’t forget to subscribe our Channel and turn on bell icon to be notified.





How To Calculate Area In Any Mobile


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