Easily Copy Any Text And Paste On Any Mobile

Easily Copy Any Text And Paste On Any Mobile


Hello Friends welcome Back To Our channel Today We will discuss an Useful application With the help this application you can easily Copy Any text And Paste anywhere on Your mobile friends. Easily Copy Any Text And Paste On Any Mobile.



Easily Copy Any Text And Paste On Any Mobile :

  • Friends this useful application is Now available on Playstore with 4.1 Plus Ratings,5 Million Plus Downloads, and 26k Plus Good reviews.
  • This application is fully free of cost to use in any mobiles.
  • Application Was developed by Appzys management and launched on Aug 18 2014.
  • They also recently Updated this application with more features and released on Oct18 2022.
  • You have to spend Only 13 mb Data to download application friends.



Benefit’s Of This Application :

  • There are various types of benefits by using this application mainly you can Copy your text that will be in any where of your mobile screen.
  • You can Freely copy text without lag and issues.
  • This Application will supports more that 92 languages.
  • You can easily Extract words on Images like Instagram ,whatsapp, twitter and social media application .
  • There will be simple procedure you use application.



Disadvantages Without This Application :

  • Friends On your normal mobile You cant Copy all text or cant copy Images text .
  • So that you have go for another text by leaving your favorite text .
  • You cant copy on on normal mobile in large text so you have to copy again and again.
  • TO solve all this issues you need to Download this application and Solve your copy problems.
  • In mobile you need to drag and Long press on text and drag the area you need to cop.
  • So that Some times it will be not copy Totally so you feel  irritated when copying procedure.




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How To Download This Application :

  • Friends to download this application now simply open your mobile and turn on mobile data or Connect with your WIFI.
  • After connected with Internet Now simply open your mobile Playstore.
  • Then on Playstore you can see search bar at top of your screen friends.
  • Click on The search bar then your keyboard will  opens.
  • Now simply type application Name is Copy Text On Screen.



Installation Procedure :

  • After Typed application name now simply open click on enter button friends.
  • Then Some applications will loaded on your screen, on those application
  • You have find our application in logo of Copy icon with text lines with Green colored background.
  • Thenafter finded out this application now simply on that friends.
  • There you have Two options they are Uninstall and Open options.
  • You need click only on Open Option ,Don’t click on Uninstall option friends.



After Downloaded Permissions :

  • Then After clicked on Open option ,now application will opens home screen .
  • From there you have to give some permissions ,simply click on Camera icon at bottom of screen.
  • There you will ask camera permissions and record video permission simply you need to click on Allow option friends.
  • After this permission now simply come back home screen of application and click on gallery at bottom of screen beside of camera icon.
  • There you have allow media ,photos permission simply click on Allow Option Friends.



Settings On This Application :

  • For Settings on This application Now simply click on three dot line at top right side of your screen friends.
  • From there you have to select settings on those two options
  • Then Settings will be opened from settings.
  • Mainly, you can set Different Types of Themes And Backup and restore.
  • Finally if you want more features on this application you can simply upgrade to premium version friends.



How To Use This Application :

  • After all those settings now simply come back to application home screen friend’s.
  • Friends if You want to know More about this application then click on Question icon at bottom left side of your screen and check by clicking on Question Icon.
  • To copy any text on your mobile now simply click on Camera Icon or click and select gallery images.
  • Then after selected image now simply tap two times to avoid tutorials on screen.
  • Then simply press on text you needed and simply click on right tick at top right side of you screen .



Follow This Steps :

  • Friends you can also crop image and select text too by clicking on Crop icon t top right side of your screen.
  • After successfully copied your text then simply click on Right tick at Top right side of your screen .
  • Then Application will Successfully saved that text on your app gallery friends.
  • Now simply click on the completed text and then click on Copy icon at top of your screen .
  • Finally you can paste any where do you need on your mobile and use successfully .
  • So, That’s it Friends Application works like this.



Conclusion About This Application :

  • Friends Hope You Understand all working procedure of this application .
  • Still Do you have any Issue’s and problems while using this application simply Comment your issue on our comment section .
  • Then we will solve your issues as soon as possible .
  • So Don’t Forget to Subscribe and turn on bell icon to be notified for every updates.





Easily Copy Any Text And Paste On Any Mobile



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