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How to clean mobile and background running apps

How to clean mobile and background running apps


Hi friends Good morning hope you all are fine from this todays article will show you how to boost up mobile and solutions to solve lagging and heating issues that occurs in our phones, with single press you could stop the background running applications so that you can save the battery and backup will increased How to clean mobile and background running apps.



How to clean mobile and background running apps :

  • basically we use our phone daily and install many apps from browsers and do much more things.
  • so commonly normal users will particularly watch videos and use instagram, facebook, whatsapp and other social media platform and default system apps too.
  • but if your student or middle age person then actually do heavily tasks with smartphones.
  • that you might play high graphical pubg, bgmi, games, and use phone twice more than normal people guys.
  • further the minor problems will occurs in our phone like heating, lagging and battery draining fastly etc.
  • because of our followers request we bring the best ever app to cure all those problems in one second.



clean mobile



clean mobile benefits :

  • we could hibernate our phone through this app features guys.
  • it means that option will clears all the trash and junks from device and brings a fantastic smooth feel while using.
  • currently if your facing the lagging issue, after installing app you cant see those errors maximum 90 percent will removed.
  • regularly at busy schedules and times we use apps and dont remove them background running.
  • so that what happens means it will battery may drains fastly due to consuming of other apps.
  • for suppose in morning you left like that phone, when coming afternoon all battery will consumed and swicth offs it self.
  • further we give the application name in below section please find it out friends.



what is the application name :

  • if you’re curious to install this type of amazing app then you all need to hold the mobile in hands.
  • then surely turn on phone data or connect with your any wifi for fast download.
  • after connected open the playstore and find the app name which is said to be GREENIFY.
  • so please enter the exact name then only you get the perfect correct app on another loading page.




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after loading what we need to check :

  • similarly you could observe lots of apps exact to this friends.
  • to identify our app just see the logo which is in green leaf shape.
  • if founded do press on it, then whole page with all the information will be loaded.
  • mainly see the creator of app company is Oasis Feng appears in blue color at down of Greenify.
  • it have rating upto 4.1 stars, according to ratings you can assume that it is very powerful and fantastic.
  • You find the reviews around three lakhs, that the people who shared the opinion about app working and features.
  • literally its size is very less only 2.5 mb and 1 crore users have downloaded it.
  • when ever overs this checking method touch install button and leave for a while.



installation later clean mobile app :

  • meanwhile application will downloads in 5 to 10 seconds because of its lower size and so much time will takes.
  • if you appear open button on playstore give a tap and continue to app inside now.
  • then on first page welcome to greenify with some information will shows.
  • go head with next, it shows whether youre phone is in which mode means rooted or non root or not sure.
  • give the tap on primary option, is my device is NOT rooted and go with next.
  • smart hibernation permissions will asks, touch grant and accept from your phone.
  • finally ready banner displays press again next at last time friends.



clean mobile



clean mobile how to use :

  • overally apps home layout will opens with 3 methods of key features.
  • at bottom right down side screen you’ll find the green plus icon.
  • its actually uses to add apps to clean from background running, presently only one app appears.
  • press show more apps option then all the other will loaded.
  • select the apps that you too much and regularly use to hibernate.
  • touch the Zzz option at down right corner to hibernate means force stop them.
  • in this way you can add apps and clean mobile easily guys.



options in clean mobile application :

  • you could see  the three dot line at top right side corner press on.
  • refresh the apps, and addition create ethe shortcut on mobile home screen to clean fastly by single click.
  • if you required to add more applications, then press on plus icon from up screen.





settings in this clean mobile application :

  • In three Dot line at third place settings option will placed click it.
  • from settings you can find the smart hibernation option in second position.
  • with it we might clean foreground running programmes to save battery.
  • the useful setting is automatic hibernation it is mostly used for us.
  • because when we dont use mobile automatic screen offs and cleaning will starts and dims display.
  • according to your wish ignore background apps, quick action notification, long press action, etc.



final conclusion about clean mobile app :

  • so this is app working procedure, to save your mobile from heating and lagging  do download it now.
  • thats it for today article for app link we provided in below.
  • from red colored download button directly install it from playstore.
  • we meet you on tomorrows article take care see you soon bye friends.





How to clean mobile and background running apps


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