mobile as computer

convert mobile as computer with this trick

convert mobile as computer with this trick


Hello friends good afternoon and welcome to tech in telugu channel today we show to convert the mobile to computer, not only phones you could make the tablet as computer for wonderful experience convert mobile as computer with this trick.



convert mobile as computer with this trick :

  • if youre looking to change phone theme and screen appearance.
  • to make your phone as a windows computer now its possible with this setting.
  • some people wont give a new look to their mobiles they use default launchers and themes so it not appears good.
  • if you wanna curious to use the computer but dont have system then download this mobile as computer app.
  • you can experience the real computer feel with phone.



mobile as computer



benefits of this mobile as computer application :

  • all the icons if apps which are in your phone will turns in to larger as the computer.
  • it gives the total windows effects on your mobiles.
  • each & everything options will changed as windows launcher version.
  • your friends and other persons will shocked whenever they sees suddenly on mobile screen.
  • especially the windows style gives you the freedom to keep all your favorite apps at one particular place.
  • fantastic features available on this app that you could customize according to your need friends.



downloading procedure :

  • this app supports android versions from 5 and above devices easily.
  • so before going to start check the version of your smartphone.
  • next enter to playstore, lets we have to install from over it.
  • at the page of home screen in playstore you could find the searching method option touch it guys.
  • then start entering app name is Square Home and leave it for loading.
  • when its rendered you should see some of the particular options.
  • tap the install button which appears in green color press on it and stay for downloading.




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after installation next process :

  • when installing completes press at open option on playstore page.
  • thats it app layout will displays at our main screen.
  • usually it may not ask so much permission, if you appear any permit then please grant to continue further steps.



how to use this application :

  • so overally the app functions with an single tap guys.
  • the computer type of interface will appears on screen as it is.
  • various apps will shown on current home, to open other apps give a tap on applications their you can see every app in your phone.
  • to generate amazing look add photo sliding folder, choose your images to slide.
  • for more options and settings then go head with plus icon and choose app to place more app home screen friends.



mobile as computer



mobile as computer conclusion :

  • this launcher bring lots of variations on your mobile thats fantastic to see.
  • customize the launcher as in your with the addition of settings.
  • you cant believe that you phone as turn into windows version, and as well as others too friends.
  • so overally this is best solution to make your android as windows.
  • lets us gather together on other upcoming useful topic like this take care see you soon bye.





mobile as computer

convert mobile as computer with this trick


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