clean up our phone

how to boost and clean up our phone

how to boost and clean up our phone


hi guys welcome to tech in telugu channel after long time ,now were here to explain you about the junk cleaning and boosting, securing of yours mobile from viruses by following simple steps you could do it on your devices how to boost and clean up our phone.



how to boost and clean up our phone :

  • normally we download so many apps, watch movies, and open different types of browsers and we can will what ever on our mobile.
  • by installing unrequired applications device will be damaged and storage will increased.
  • even you have brand new phone it will lags and hangs, sometimes stucks too.
  • because of those un wanted items and heavy games etc.. our mobile health and minor issues will raised on our smartphones guys.
  • may be you think how to clear all this issues, just you have to follow our small steps to speed up your mobile.



clean up our phone



benefits of this clean up our phone :

  • unnecessary files and un wanted apps will deleted with simple click friends.
  • if your phone is 2gb or 3 gb ram then it will lags due to storage and ram management issues as you face and you already known that.
  • but after installation of this clean up our phone app, then your cell works fastly and smoothly that you never seen before.
  • performance, boost up will done through app so we can easily use any small smartphone without lagging and heating.
  • overally clean up your phone applications manager and ram, storage problems and other hardware and software errors in simple method.
  • we will briefly explain you how to to do all those process in this article.
  • read each and every paragraph without missing then only you get an clarification about cleaning mobile guys.



what is that application name to clean up our phone:

  • its a main part of this article to know application title so lets install via your smartphone.
  • now enter to phones plays tore that you all known, if you didn’t recognize where it is then simply search from app section on home screen.
  • else mostly you find it on google applications default folder guys.
  • when you got finded playstore simply open it then interface of it comes with all thousands of apps.
  • but we should have to click only on search bar it placed at top of the screen.
  • then start typing Cleanup Your Phone name on keyboard and enter to load.
  • on another page it loaded at in front you friends.




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need to check this points before going to install :

  • so start checking some points because you could install the right app.
  • firstly app has 4.1 of star ratings and along with 7.2 Mb of size or length.
  • ten million plus users or using this wonderful application and its very high in downloads too.
  • if you have an dought about app, like it works properly or not then simple go head and see the reviews.
  • which are around 1 lakh sixteen thousand and more amazing reviews that shared by genuine users about app working procedure.
  • when you completely checked all this mainly and final one point we need to check is company name is DOSA APPS.
  • for more conformation you could check app launched date and other from about section and its on 10 June 2020.
  • recently they upgraded app in 2023 at the month of 30 April, and overally after this checking click on install button.



after installing what next :

  • so it tooks very lesser time to download because of its length friends.
  • when installation completes we get open option newly simply go head with it.
  • on entering you get pop up with media, photos.
  • give the access by tapping allow option.



clean up our phone



how to boost up and clean up our phone :

  • then app will starts scanning your mobile and checks once.
  • after it you can enter to app home layout with some features.
  • on middle of our mobile we have Start Full Scan.
  • then your phone app starts cleaning and scanning for unwanted storage, viruses, junks files etc..
  • after scanning all you mobile will boosted successfully, lets come back home of application guys.



superb features to clean up our phone :

  • at down side of screen on the left tools features will appear now press on it.
  • from it we can clear large files that unwanted and trash in your mobile.
  • when you choose clear option easily app removes and recognize all trash files on your device.
  • then you may easily remove with small tap.



how to boost and clean up our phone



clean up our phone conclusion :

  • like this we could remove all unrequired trash, files , folders , junk  with clear feature too.
  • so that’s it friends about this clean up our phone application functioning.
  • we will meet soon on another next level article until take care bye.
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how to boost and clean up our phone



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