Fake Chat

Fake Chat Prank On Friends With This Trick

Fake Chat Prank On Friends With This Trick


Hello Guys a Very Good After Noon And Once Again Welcome Back To Our Channel Tech in Telugu Guys, To Prank On Your friends and Others with chat conversation like Your Chatting with Big Billi gates or Great Persons And Heroes And Heroines Create Chat they are Chatting Regularly In Funny Way, When Showed that Chat to others Automatically Shocked, Fake Chat Prank On Friends With This Trick.



Fake Chat Prank On Friends With This Trick :

  • To Create Fake Chatting Definitely Need Help Of prank App Guys.
  • So All Process How to Install , Download, Use, Settings and other Information Has Full Details Are Provided On This Article.
  • Below Are More Status Of app Is Written And Placed Have a Look On It Friends.



Fake Chat



This Application Information :

  • Application Is in Very Small Size Guys, Which Is About Only Nine 9.9 Mb.
  • On Playstore application has 3.9 Ratings, By This You May Assume Apps status In Users.
  • Literally App is Best To Make Entertainment, Mainly For Jokes, Fooling Purposes.
  • 10 Million Means One Crore users are downloaded to Have Fun With Others.
  • Eighty Eight Thousand Reviewed Meanwhile They Written In There Point Of View Benefits and Disadvantages Guys.



Know Who Developed This Fake Chat Application :

  • Tiawy Labs Implemented Application or Developed In playstore.
  • On 2017 at December Thirty First App is Launched Guys.
  • Coming For Updates at November Sixth, in Year Of 2020 Application Upgraded With New Feature’s Friends.
  • Last But Not In List is  2.2 Version App Placed On Playstore.




Shortcut Edge Feature Operate Settings, Mobile Faster

Get Iphone Camera Settings In Android Mobile

Count Things In Single Tap From Any Photos

Get Theft Alarm And Alarm On Full Battery

Hide Last Seen And Profile Picture In WhatsApp



Benefits Of This Fake Chat Application :

  • We Placed App Below On this Article with Link and Application Name If Your Interested To Make Prank Or Fun Then Download It.
  • May Be you seen Many apps But this Application Is Never Before and Ever After Guys For Making Entertainment.
  • Easily Edit Chat Conversation Like Opponents Really Chatting To You.
  • Unlimited Fake Chat Can Create At any time Wanted Without any Subscriptions.
  • All Minor Things Such as Background, Color, Text, Profile, Markings, Status etc.
  • Suppose Created Chat Will Uses to Show Off Infront Of Others Give Buildups.



Disadvantages Without This Fake Chat Application :

  • With In Built Default Settings Cant Able To Do This Things Guys.
  • For Making Prank Or Surprise Friends Actually App Uses Very Much.
  • Fastly Download App Link In Below Section.



Fake Chat



Now Download This Fake Chat Application From Below :

  • We Suggest to Install Apps From Playstore friends.
  • Open playstore and Enter on Search, Then Next Type app Name Fake Chat Maker Friends.
  • Then after App Will Renders On Loading Page Guys, At Third Place Press And Open Full Info app.
  • Install Option with Green Color Coating appears, Press On Install.



Installation Process :

  • Later Completed Downloading Open Button Right side Uninstall At Left Side Shows Guys.
  • Simply Click Right Open Icon, Then app Opened With Pop up Some thing About Don’t Mislead App.





After Downloaded Any Permissions Ask :

  • Boom Guys Fake Chat WhatsApp Conversation Displays Successfully, After Tapping Ok.
  • Friends At Starting only Just Pop Up Banner Comes But No Permits asked.
  • Further If any Permissions Rendered Then We Explain How to Give Them.



How To Use This Application :

  • Really If Suddenly Seen The Screen then Looks Like WhatsApp Original App Only Guys.
  • Chats, Status, Calls, Exactly all Options Are Same Compared To WhatsApp.
  • Coming To Next press on Light Green Color Icon At Bottom Right.
  • Now Simple Enter The Opponent Details On Profile Section Firstly Give Name, Next Tap Photo Icon And Allow Permission.
  • In addition Select Camera Or Gallery To Add Photo and It Any Way Guys.



Follow This Process In Working Process :

  • Then After Applying Photo, Coming Last seen Feature Select Online or Offline Option, Typing Status.
  • It Means Online Status Or Typing Icon Will Appears as Like Real Chatting Guys.
  • Finally Add Last seen Status And Send Messages As Your Wish Friends.
  • Same As WhatsApp Guys, First you Send Message.
  • Then Press On WhatsApp Chat Icon Below Typing Message.



Finally Conclusion About This Fake Chat Application :

  • Guys Like This Application Used So Please Use In Your Limit Don’t Mis use Application Guys.
  • This App Is Only For Educational Purpose, Don’t Do Misleading Things Through Application Friends
  • At Last are you Like app Then Try To share Our Article Or Video, So They also enjoy Pranking With Others.
  • That’s it Guys, Signing Off Of For Today Lets Discuss another Superb and Amazing App In New Article Untill Than Take Care.





Fake Chat

Fake Chat Prank On Friends With This Trick


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