Shortcut Edge

Shortcut Edge Feature Operate Settings, Mobile Faster

Shortcut Edge Feature Operate Settings, Mobile Faster


Hello Guys Very Good Morning To Every One On this Article Lets Talk About Shortcut Settings, Which Are Mostly Helps Us to Operate Any Apps OR Gestures Easily By Singe Tap, By This Trick Add all Settings At Edge Of Screen Which Is Very Comfortable to Use, Shortcut Edge Feature Operate Settings, Mobile Faster.



Shortcut Edge Feature Operate Settings, Mobile Faster :

  • After Added Shortcuts All Gestures Will Easily worked Without any Lagging, apply On Your Mobiles Too Guys.
  • Without Searching Or Finding any Apps Just Set Them as Shortcutter Settings.
  • All Actions In Mobile are able to Set on Home Screen Display, Like WIFI, Hotspot, Gallery, Data, Screenshot, modes, and Others any Actions.



Shortcut Edge



Any Application Needed :

  • Guys on default Settings Have only Gestures and Not even Able to Move.
  • Further Needed App Which Is Provided On this Article Friends.
  • Coming To app Is Available on Playstore and Developed By Edge Action Studio.
  • Around Twenty Thousand Plus Are explained Best Features and Errors As well On Below Playstore Guys.
  • Almost App Length is 8.6 Guys, But On Round Figure Overall Wanted 9Mb.



More Info About Application :

  • One Million, Means More Than 10,00000 People Using App In Their Daily Base Friends.
  • In Two Thousand Eighteen app is Released and date is July Twelve.
  • In addition Updated On Last Year in September Month Second, 2021 Guys.
  • 2.5.8 is Upgraded Version of application and Maded To Work in All Android Mobiles Friends.




Get Iphone Camera Settings In Android Mobile

Count Things In Single Tap From Any Photos

Get Theft Alarm And Alarm On Full Battery

Hide Last Seen And Profile Picture In WhatsApp

Find Out Who Unlocked Your Mobile Recently



Benefits Of This Shortcut Edge Application :

  • Operate any Settings, other Actions Faster if Mobile Notification panel Is Far Or Screen sis Big.
  • Then Don’t Worry Set all Notification Actions on edge Guys, So That On/Off any Gestures Like Internet, Bluetooth Etc..
  • Add Favorite app at shortcut center and Operate with single app and Edge will not Disturbs in any way.
  • Mainly most of Use Music, Calendar, Calculator, Contacts , Payment apps, Shopping App, Etc.
  • Literally Add Hundreds Of Shortcuts as Your Convivence Guys



Disadvantages Without This Shortcut Edge Application :

  • Every Time We Search Settings and Basic Regular Setting To Off or On Guys.
  • Time Will wasted On Scrolling For Apps OR Settings This Irritates More On Busy work Or Meetings, are In rush places.
  • Maximum Control All Mobile Actions Through This Application Friends.
  • On Next Paragraph know Application Downloading.



Shortcut Edge



Now Download This Shortcut Edge Application :

  • Friends I Request To Download App From Playstore Only, After Opened Touch on Search Icon.
  • Then After Type Application Name Is Edge Screen-Edge Gesture, Ed.
  • Please Enter Same App On Keyboard To Load Faster Guys, Further any Mistake Happened app Not Loaded.



Installation Process :

  • Playstore Takes Some More Time To Download Guys.
  • So Wait Patiently Untill Downloading Completed Do Not Disturb Or Cancel The Process Friends.
  • Meanwhile App Installs Finally And Display Screen Changed and Shows Left Side Uninstall and Right Open Buttons.
  • To apply Shortcuts Just Touch Open.



Shortcut Edge



After Downloaded Any Permissions Required :

  • Directly Required Permissions Shows at Bottom.
  • We Have To Press On Arrow Icon at Below Down Of The Screen Guys.
  • Then Floating Window Management System Permits Opened, Now Allow Edge action turn on.
  •  In Addition Come Back To Our App, Open anywhere Banner Displayed Skip and Next Button Are Provided, We tap On Skip.
  • But need To Give Permission on Edge Icon Which Is in Main screen Guys, allow Contacts ,Music.



How To Use This Application :

  • Home Layout of app Opened, Having Superb Settings Shortcuts With Other Icons Friends.
  • In Built All Options are Saved and Green Tick Placed On them.
  • Lets Check Working, Come To Main Screen In Mobile At Right Edge Black Color, Swipe toward Left.
  • Edge Or Shortcut Openes and Sections Are Divided Such as Apps, Contact’s, Quick Settings, Calendar, Music.
  • For Any Changes Tap Settings Icon and Make As You Like Guys.



Shortcut Edge



At Last Conclusion About This Shortcut Edge Application :

  • Overall I Think All of You Understand Whole Application Working Format Guys.
  • Still Any queries Or Needed More App Info About app Just Ask Below In Our Comment Box Friends.
  • We Provide All Trusted Apps Which Are Perfectly verified On Playstore.
  • For App Never Search Anywhere, just Look On Description or Know In Article application Link also Provided.
  • Ok friends, Again Meet On another Next Level Topic Untill Take Care Bye.





Shortcut Edge

Shortcut Edge Feature Operate Settings, Mobile Faster


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