deleted call history

How to restore deleted call history with this trick

How to restore deleted call history with this trick


welcome guys from this article you gonna learn new trick to backup the contacts, call history which is deleted from mobile, for trick you need to read article completely and know detailly about it How to restore deleted call history with this trick.



How to restore deleted call history with this trick :

  • guys usually we restore or erase total mobile data when it lags or having trouble in phone guys.
  • commonly some important and main contacts will saved in mobile with gmail account, they also deleted automatically on erasing smartphone.
  • means completely data which currently having in cellphone will removed and returns back like new phone view.
  • so once cleared & gone data cant be replaced again with any setting.
  • like this if you loose the call list history and trying to get data back.
  • their you have only one solution, we have to download application, dont worry about app name and details we provide everything now in article.



deleted call history



Application benefits :

  • easily we could collect the removed phone numbers, missed call, incomings calls and important numbers list.
  • all history will be gather without charge of any amount, absolutetly for free.
  • it works as a safety box for our call history and messages.
  • if you’re moving to new phone permanently, then through app create a backup file to share the other android mobile.
  • additionally app contains many more features compared to present options.
  • it restores the sms which are important to you guys.



lets start installation of application :

  • Now unlock the mobile and go to status bar and turn on mobile data.
  • in the place of mobile data, you could use wifi, or hotspot.
  • after turning on, just move to playstore app friends.
  • so in home part of playstore, search box will appear press it, now.
  • if keyboard displays then type Call Log History and Backup.




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check this information about app :

  • so this details need to check to identify fastly and for exact app installation.
  • firstly see whether it is offered by Deep Developer Hub.
  • currently when writing article the ratings available 3.7 stars.
  • it has too low size which is 13 Mega bytes around only.
  • 5 lakhs users are part from this deleted call history app.
  • this much information correctly found, after press install button friends.



deleted call history installation later :

  • Overally after downloading, you’ll find open option.
  • as a formality privacy policy appears in first interface.
  • go with agree option, then alert pop-up comes on display, click close button.
  • basically touch contacts feature need permits.
  • so allow the required permissions thats it you’re all set.



deleted call history



using procedure of deleted call history application :

  • on app interface, you see some ad banners just ignore them.
  • lets go with contacts feature from their we could backup wanted call numbers.
  • coming to second option call logs their you have many options.
  • from backup, we can backup previously and many years back calling data back.
  • then it appears detailly along with name, time, date, call type means either it is missed, outgoing, incoming calls.
  • from secondary restore option, we could restore call logs manager.
  • to know where the backuping files storing in, with View backup option.



deleted call history app conclusion :

  • like this simple manner, we could backup any type of deleted data.
  • in our channel we tell free tricks and tips which are useful in daily life on mobile.
  • just follow our daily content for mobile knowledge and smartwork tricks.
  • on other article you gonna know awesome & marvelous settings, useful applications etc..





deleted call history

How to restore deleted call history with this trick


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