how to get girl whatsapp numbers in English

how to get girl whatsapp numbers in English


Hello friends welcome to new article in this article we are going to learn about how to get girl whatsapp numbers in English



how to get girls whatsapp numbers :

  • Today in this blog I will tell you about a small application that you can chat with many girls using this small application.
  • Everyone has a girlfriend but not everyone. Even those who do not have a girlfriend have to call someone else and tell them to chat.
  • For that you can chat with anyone through this application which I am going to tell you today without even having a mobile number with them.
  • Let’s talk about this application which means that the girls around you are also likely to get these applications.
  • Others may also give you a personal number if your behavior is involved in this application

We need any application :

  • Friends you also need to talk to someone through this application and make a timepass by saying call to someone but all you need to do is you do not need to search somewhere for this application.
  • In this blog I will give all the details related to this application as well as I will fully explain how to use the application.
  • You can read this blog and learn how to use the application as a whole. You do not even have to look anywhere for the application.
  • The link can also be downloaded from this blog. Without wasting time, download the application you see in the photo below immediately.



How to download the application :

  • Friends If you want to download the application shown in the photo above, open the Play Store application on your mobile.
  • Once opened you will see a button above which you can press and FREE RANDOM CHAT & MEET NEW PEOPLE STRANGER CHAT but this application will automatically appear on your mobile screen.
  • At the bottom of the application you will see a download button. If you try it, the application will be downloaded to your mobile.
  • You can open this application and use it after the application installation is complete.
  • Friend application has been downloaded by many people so far The rating of this application is also very good so you can definitely download and use it


How to use the application :

  • Friends Once you have downloaded and opened the application, the application will take a while to load and open.
  • If the application gives you any permission then all of them are also given permission. After making friends now a chat page will open for you in this application.
  • If you send a message on that chat page, you will be given a reply by others.
    Most of the people in this application will be online.
  • If your behavior is such that the people chatting with you will also give you their personal number so that you can go on a date with them later.





App info :
Version : 1.3.4
Updated on : 6 Aug 2020
Downloads : 500,000+ downloads
Download size : 6.51 MB
Offered by : Appyhigh Technology
Released on : 1 Mar 2019

Finally :

  • Friends You can also chat in any way you want using this application.
  • I think you like the application If you like the link of the application below you download and try once.
  • If this application seems a bit out of place for you please share this application with your friends too I think you liked the application Thankyou for Reading Friends






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