Easily Apply Awesome Gold Screen Lock On Any Mobile

Easily Apply Awesome Gold Screen Lock On Any Mobile


Hello Friends Welcome Back To our channel Today we will Explain How To Lock Your mobile screen With Gold screen , So that your Mobile Looks Premium, and also you can set Lock On Gold screen. Easily Apply Awesome Gold Screen Lock On Any Mobile.



Easily Apply Awesome Gold Screen Lock On Any Mobile :

  •  Friends To Use this amazing feature of Gold Screen Lock Then You have to download the small application On your mobile.
  • This application Is available on Playstore with 3.6 Plus Ratings ,10 Million Plus Downloads and 253K Excellent Reviews.
  • To use this app You dont need to take any Subscriptions and Dont Want To pay Any Payment to use
  • You have To Spend Only 11 Mb Mobile Data To Download This application friends.
  • This application was Developed by Premium Zipper Lock Screen And They Launched on May 10, 2018.
  • They also updated this app with more features and Released on November 2 2022. and This app Version is 7.2.





Benefits Of This Application :

  • By Applying This app Lock screen Your Mobile will looks awesome and appeared like premium style .
  • With the help of this application you can easily Lock Your mobile without knowing anyone .
  • You can Lock your mobile like a Pro Version and Lock will opened with different style so that no one can guess your mobile Lock passwords.
  • You have a Zip Feature on the application after sliding this Zip you can easily Operate Lock screen.
  • Friends while using this application In front of your friends and others then They will shocked at your mobile by Looking The Styles And Pure Gold Color Screen Lock.
  • They Will Definitely Asks you to Tell Application Name friends, So with Out any time wasting download this small application and Use.



Disadvantages WithOut This Application :

  • Friends Normally on mobiles you have only old Lockscreen styles ,so that you feel bored on those styles, So we have Bring the awesome application for your normal mobiles.
  • On Regular Lock While Opening your lock Then other will have a chance to check Your Lock passwords easily.
  • So that You will Loose all Your Important data after other will Finded Out your Personal Password on Regular mobiles.
  • But On this Useful application You can set Very Powerful, password And Hide on Zip Features so that No one See and Guess The Passwords of your mobile.
  • Then You can Save From all Other Issues Friends.
  • So without any delay lets know How To Download This amazing Application in any mobile and Follow all Step By Step Process Friends.




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How To Download This Application :

  • Friends To Download this Useful and Awesome application
  • On Your mobile then simply Open Mobile and Turn Mobile data or Connect With Your WIFI.
  • Then after Connected with Internet Now Simply Open Your mobile Playstore.
  • Now On Playstore you can see Search bar at top of your screen ,Then simply Tap on the search bar friend’s.
  • After Clicked On search bar Your mobile keyboard will opens Now On the keyboard Type application Name is Gold Lock screen.



Installation Procedure :

  • Thenafter typed application name Now Simply tap on Enter button Friends .
  • Now Playstore will Loads some applications in those apps you have to Find our application.
  • In the Logo Of Mobile screen With Gold Zip with Gold Color colored Background.
  • After Finded Out this application Now Simply click On it ,there you can see Install option.
  • Now simply click on Install Option and Wait few seconds to download.





After Downloaded Permissions :

  • Friends Few seconds later application will Successfully Downloaded on your mobile.
  • On Playstore you can see Uninstall and Open Options, Then Click only On Open Option ,Dont Click on Uninstall Option friends.
  • After Clicked open option then app will load little bit and opens with the  Interface of Permission and ask to Enable permission.
  • Simply tap on Enable Option then application will redirected to your Mobile settings now Turn On this app on your settings friends.



Settings On This Application :

  • After allowed permissions Now Simply Come to application Home screen friends.
  • There you can see all Features and settings will appeared on Home screen.
  • Now To Check Settings On this app now simply click on Settings on your screen.
  • Then Settings will opened , Firstly you have security Options this settings used to Enable password And Set Passwords on lock screen.
  • Now Coming To PersonaliSation settings From this setting You can Set Zipper Wallpaper, and Make Background Color transparent.
  • You can Set Vibration on Touch and Data settings, and Time format Settings by this option.
  • Finally If You like this application then Rate or Shar with your friends by More Options setting .





How To Use This Application :

  • Friends after all the settings now simply come to app Home screen and Simply click on Enable Lockscreen Option and Turn On.
  • By Turning enable Lock screen Option Then Only Application Will Works successfully on your mobile.
  • After Enabled Now Simply Lock your Screen Then Turn On screen You can Zip Screen With Gold Colored Looks Very Cool , Now swipe the Zip Then mobile will Opened.
  • Friends To Set Password you have have to set password on settings option explained above.



More Features On This Application :

  • To Check Preview of this app Then Simply tap on Preview feature and Check .
  • For More themes On this Application click on More Themes Feature and Download Small apps to get Themes.
  • Now Coming To Another Feature Is Wallpaper. Simply tap On Wallpapers From there you can use any of liked Wallpapers
  • By tap on it and then click on Right Tick at Bottom right side of your mobile screen.
  • Then After this feature Coming To another feature Is Zippers Style From this feature You can change Zip Styles easily.
  • After This Feature Finally Coming To Another Feature is Row Styles From this Option You can change Row Style also friends.





Conclusion About This Application :

  • Hope you all understand this application and if any questions please ask in the comment section friends.
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  • In addition Share our video with friends and family about this useful application.





Easily Apply Awesome Gold Screen Lock On Any Mobile


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