gesture lock screen

How to set gesture lock screen on our mobile

How to set gesture lock screen on our mobile


Hello Guys, we tell the new method to unlock our mobile, which no one knows this new method, it secure our mobile 100% percent safely, this cant be opened without your gesture password lets know entire process of it by reading total article How to set gesture lock screen on our mobile.



How to set gesture lock screen on our mobile :

  • this lock is completely different from the normal phone lock systems guys.
  • casually with the common locks such as fingerprint, password, Pin and face lock.
  • but they were okay as by a default locks, in this case unknown& other people can unlock your mobile if once they see pattern.
  • usually the regular lock is mostly little bit safe but not permanently.
  • furtherly thats why we suggest the best application which provides gesture lock.
  • the locking system is totally different from causal daily locks friends.
  • lets try once in your mobile from now and share your experience with us in comments.



gesture lock screen



benefits of gesture lock screen :

  • without your permission no one can guess and grasp the unlocking gesture.
  • it looks very simple & and as well as protects device securely.
  • by using the favorite number or first letter of name & other alphabets we could apply the screen lock.
  • even though someone sees this gesture, they can’t open because the gesture lock has systematic way.
  • in screen lock on anywhere we might arrange lock on top to bottom.
  • in additionally gestures also support the symbols like heart, love, etc…



downloading procedure :

  • lets move to playstore app, which takes place defaultly on your devices.
  • maximum number of people knows this guys.
  • when entered to it, go to top searching tool icon.
  • now on keyboard type Gesture Lock Screen and leave to find.
  • at other step the original one & other apps will showed on.




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identify app correctly by checking this :

  • particularly our current application is from Q Locker, its been created & also developed too guys.
  • when the article is being posting at that date 4.0 ratings, attached with 86 thousands reviews available.
  • more than One Crore people downloaded app, & using it at main locker on their phones.
  • discussing about main part its the size of app, storage & data consists of 7.6 Mb.
  • overally this particular highlighted points find correctly, then move forward with install button friends.



accept this permissions after installing :

  • it tooks few seconds for install, of course the time limit will depends on your mobile network too guys.
  • whenever the process done, additionally open option comes on same page.
  • so when going through app draw something, gesture lock screen password directly it comes to main frame.
  • means asks to set the gesture lock screen for first step only.



gesture lock screen



how to use Gesture Lock Screen application :

  • In previous steps the gesture lock setup will completed.
  • at other page pin generation asks it works to recover &unlocks whether gesture not works & forgotten time pin will helps to unlock screen.
  • so compulsorily create the password which is in four letters.
  • after adding the pin display over another apps permit gonna asked.
  • accept the permission from system settings, when you come back to it allow notification access also.



another settings on Gesture Lock Screen :

  • finally the main part & some settings gonna shown on other screen.
  • would you require to add the favorite loved color on gesture, then choose gesture color option & adjust the R,G,B colours set according it.
  • for more security purpose turn on invisible gesture, it makes to disappear the colour of gesture.
  • if you dont like present pin, set that too with change pin option.



gesture lock screen



how to find who touched our phone :

  • This gesture Lock screen has the another next level feature guys.
  • which is called intruder selfie, it implement in security option.
  • by the way it shows the pictures of people who touched our mobile and tried to unlock when we are at some other place.
  • snap a secret photo when stranger draw wrong gestures & also sends the pics to gallery as well as email too.
  • to run this fantastic intruder selfie feature, you have to go through that option.



gesture lock screen conclusion :

  • this is final explanation about this application working.
  • we tried to cover all the processes and features.
  • lets us gather again on another article guys.
  • dont miss that interesting content do follow immediately.
  • so signing off for today take care bye.





How to set gesture lock screen on our mobile

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