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Set Awesome Keyboard Themes In Any Device

Set Awesome Keyboard Themes In Any Device


Hello Guys Welcome back to our channel Today we will explain about an interesting Settings on keyboard with this settings your mobile keyboard will Looks attractive and also add different types of animations on keyboard, Set Awesome Keyboard Themes In Any Device.



Set Awesome Keyboard Themes In Any Device :

  • To Change the Mobile Keyboard animation Then You need to Download the Small Application Guys.
  • We will Provide all the application Uses and Downloading Link In this Article, So that You can easily Download through Link.
  • Guys This app is now Available on Playstore with 4.3 Plus Playstore Ratings , By this Rating you can know the application is very good on Ratings.
  • There are 50 Million Plus users are downloaded the application and Still using With out any issues and Problems.
  • You can Easily Trust this application On seeing this performance.



Keyboard Themes



About Application Information :

  • Guys There are 524K Plus Reviews Written By Users and Shared There Opinion On this Application.
  • Whole Reviews are In Very Good Impressions and Enjoying By Using app Features Guys.
  • Application Was Developed By AZ Mobile Software Management and They Finally launched on April 3 ,2020.
  • They Also Updated with More features and Effects And Released Recently on November 18, 2022.
  • To use the app you need to Spend only 30 Mb Mobile data Guys.



Benefits Of This Keyboard Themes Application :

  • Normally Keyboard will most Important Setting on Any device with the of keyboard we will search, Browse and others also.
  • By Using Mobile default Keyboard Some time we feel Bored on that keyboard, Because Daily routine Keyboard.
  • To make your keyboard Very Attractive and set animations On it To look very Beautiful To Use.
  • So Further we will Tell You Amazing application For  Awesome keyboard.
  • After Applying this keyboard on your device then Mobile Will Looks Very Cool when Opened Keyboard.
  • Because of the keyboard animations mobile will Looks Very attractive to Others.




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Disadvantages Without This Application :

  • Actually Guys By Using Daily Routine Keyboard on your mobile ,So me Time You feel Some Bored Feeling.
  • In mobile settings you Dont have Animations Features on any device, but If love animations Keyboard then read this article to download awesome keyboard.
  • So without any wasting time download the application and start using.



Downloading Procedure Of Keyboard Themes Application :

  • Finally To Download The Application Open the Mobile and Turn on Mobile OR Connect with WIFI.
  • Then Open Playstore and Press On Search bar That Will At top of the mobile screen guys.
  • Now Type Application Name is Neon LED Keyboard ,and Click on Enter Button.
  • So Some Applications will Loaded On the screen.



Keyboard Themes



Installation Process On Playstore :

  • Now On Playstore you can appear our awesome application at top With Colored Keyboard Logo.
  • So Click on It ,You Have Install Option ,Simply press o Install  option To Download Application.
  • Then After Clicked on install option ,wait few seconds to download the app.



After Downloaded Neon Keyboard Permissions :

  • Then Some time after app will downloaded on the mobile and you can see Uninstall and Open options.
  • So Press only on Open Option Guys Dont Press On Uninstall otherwise app will be Deleted.
  • Now Application will Opens With The Interface of App Title ,You need Press on Enable Keyboard Option At Bottom Of the Screen Guys.
  • Then Permission Will asked So Press On Got it Option and Another Permission will comes.
  • Ask to Change the Default keyboard to Neon Keyboard ,Select this app as default guys.



Keyboard Themes



Using Process Of This Keyboard Themes Application :

  • So Finally After the Small permissions later app will opens the homescreen.
  • You have Lots Of amazing Features on this Keyboard to Use freely Guys.
  • They are Sticker store ,Themes, My Photo Keyboard, Background store And Settings.
  • We Check Now Step By Step feature So Coming to Sticker Store ,You have Lots Of Stickers ,So Press on any interesting one and Download and Use it Freely.
  • Another facility Is Your sticker also Make on this apps by Clicking on Edit Option at Top Right Side of the screen.



Themes Featured Working Process :

  • At Second Place you have themes option ,So Click on that There are Superb Keyboard themes Will Available Guys.
  • Some Of they are Paid and Other are Free to use By Clicking that and Press On Get theme.
  • So Theme will Downloads and Applied to Current Keyboard Guys.
  • Coming to Another changes are Sped Color and Range Color with this You can make as you needed.





My Photo Keyboard Feature Uses :

  • This Feature is very Cool Guys Because with this option You able to Set Own Photo as a background.
  • So that Your image will appeared on keyboard for that simply press on Customize background option and allow media ,gallery Permission.
  • After Selected Any picture of yours then click on apply ,That’s It picture will Start Coming on keyboard Guys.



Background Store Feature Works For :

  • With the help This Feature You can add background Colors On Keyboard.
  • You have Amazing and Attractive Colors like Christmas, new year and dark Etc…
  • Simply select Any One of them and add as your keyboard background Guys Very Good look Will Seen.
  • Now Coming To Language Option you able to Change language at any time or Select your Comfortable Language.


Finally Settings On This Application :

  • With the Help of Settings option you can add Different Layouts, Keyboard audio and Keyboard Sounds, Font styles, Custom Input Styles.
  • By Clicking on Keyboard Layouts Setting You can add Size, Margins etc..
  • On Keyboard Audio Settings Add Sound effect while Typing you can here them .
  • In Addition From sound Volume option Set Sound Volume Higher Or Lesser.
  • Finally From Fonts Styles as you know Amazing Fonts Are there on this application which are purely Free.



Overall Conclusion About This Application :

  • So Guys Like this application will Works Hope that we explained very well.
  • Still any Doughts about the app Features and Keyboard settings or anything About application.
  • Then Ask Freely in our comment section we will reply and Answer the questions and solve.
  • For more applications like this So Dont Forget to Subscribe Our Channel and Turn on Bell Icon.





Set Awesome Keyboard Themes In Any Device



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