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How To Lock Gallery On Secret Place In Any Device

How To Lock Gallery On Secret Place In Any Device


Hello Guys Welcome To Our Channel Now we are Going To explain About Gallery Hiding Trick , if Your Want To Hide all your Personal Photos ,Files, Videos In Some Other Secret Folder Without Knowing Others then Learn In This Article Guys. How To Lock Gallery On Secret Place In Any Device



How To Lock Gallery On Secret Place In Any Device :

  • So Guys To Store Your Girl Friend or Boyfriend Photos On Some where in  Mobile without deleted or Removing the Media.
  • For that we will tell a secret trick to hide by this now Hide all Photos & Videos etc…
  • Friends To add gallery on some place in mobile , you have to Download the small application through this add wanted photos and videos easily.



Lock Gallery



About Small Application :

  • Guys This Application Is now Available on Playstore you no need to search any where.
  • With 4.0 Plus Ratings By Playstore and 500 Million Plus mobile Users Are downloaded the application.
  • And they are using app Without any Issues and problems ,and Also without any payments.
  • In addition This app Was Fully Free To use on Any device and Very Smoothly, Easy to handle.
  • If We Check reviews there are 562K it Means Five Lakh Sixty Two Thousand Users are written Reviews on this app With Very Good Impression.



Application Launched On :

  • Guys Application was Launched on September 23, 2019 only and also updated with extra awesome Hiding features Released.
  • They Released Updated Version 12.24.0 On Recently October 19,2022.
  • Application Will Supports All Android devices without Problems and Lags.
  • If You Can Check application Size Is Around 15 Mb Only Guys.
  • In addition This app Was Fully Free To use on Any device and Very Smoothly, Easy to handle.




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Benefits Of Lock Gallery Application :

  • Mainly Guys As You Know Hide all Gallery Secret Pics And Video’s ,Audios and etc..
  • Without Removing Add on this application so it will not appear on Main Gallery Guys.
  • So Coming To Point To Download Application In the Purpose of if any Images and Videos of your Girl Friends, Or Boy Friend On Your Main Gallery.
  • Then You Will Not able To Give Mobile to others because you have a Dought is if they See Pics and videos so WithOut any issue on this application.
  • After Adding All media on this vault Then Freely give mobile To anyone without any tension Guys.



Disadvantages Without This Lock Gallery Application :

  • Guys Without This Small app You can Face Lot of Problems When Some Check Your Mobile Like Parents and Other.
  • After Seeing the Personal Photos And Videos on Your Gallery Then They Will Have A Chance to Tease or Argue With you.
  • To Save From all this Issues Simply Download this Article app and Store all Gallery On this.
  • And Stay Without Any Tension Guys, So without Any Delay Lets Start The Downloading Process of this application.



Lock Gallery



Lets Start Downloading This Application :

  • Now Open Mobile Which you need to add Gallery on it and Turn on mobile data.
  • Then After Connected To Internet Open Any Of your Browser are Playstore to download app.
  • On Playstore Search Bar will appeared click on it once To Open Keyboard .
  • Type The Application Name is App vault and tap the enter button to load.
  • Then Playstore will Load the applications In those our app at Sixth Place will There with Developed Company By Xiaomi Inc.
  • Lets Click on it Install Option will appears So Finally Click on Install Button to download.



Now Installing Process Of This Lock Gallery Application :

  • After Some Time app will Downloaded on Playstore and You will able to see Uninstall and Open Buttons.
  • Then Click on Open Button Only Dont Click on Uninstall Other wise it will be deleted  From Playstore.
  • So App will Opens with the Visual of All Banners.





After Downloaded Lock Gallery’s Application Give Permissions :

  • Application Will Asks all Permission Like Media , and Storage options Simply Give all The Permissions.
  • Guys Without Giving permissions Vault will Not Works Properly Sop Grant all.
  • And Turn on The mobile data while Using The Application.
  • App Contains Not Only vault There are So Much feature also appeared That we discus on Using Process.



Using Format Of This Application :

  • So guys After All Granted permissions App Home screen Will Opens.
  • You will Appear Trending Stories ,Handy Shortcuts, Security Tools, Popular Songs And Videos, Features.
  • We will Explain Now How this Features will Works and and what are the Requirements and Uses are have on it.





Trending Stories Feature On Lock Gallery Application :

  • With The Help Of this Feature You may see latest Stories and Articles on Some one.
  • News Stories and Latest Trending Information if you Needed with this option.
  • This app has Both Vault lock gallery option and this features also guys .
  • So You can Browse The Stories from here also.



Handy Shortcuts Feature Will Works For :

  • This Feature will Used to Make the Short Cuts Of All Your favorite application as a shortcut app.
  • By adding all like apps ton this app from now Use those apps in This app too.
  • Add Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook and All Favorite apps and Social media Applications That You are Use Daily.
  • So Without Any Late create the Shortcuts guys.



Security Tools Vault Feature :

  • By This option Add all Gallery photos and Videos on it to hide all Personal Information.
  • So that this the application main point to use add gallery Images ,Videos, Files, Etc…
  • Without any Delay Add you needed to hide images on this application.



Popular Songs And Videos Feature Uses :

  • This Feature will Used to Listen or Download Latest and Popular Songs in Different languages.
  • And See Funny Videos and Photos or shorts and other informative videos with this Option Guys.
  • This Option also Provided the app ,By Single app You have so many features to is use in daily Using on Mobile.



Finally Conclusion About This Application :

  • So Friends I Hope All your Understand The Application working and Usages of this Extra features .
  • But Still any Doughts after using the application then ask in our comment section.
  • We will Tell the Working Solutions For you Without late.
  • For more applications like this Subscribe our channel and Turn the Bell Icon For Every Update From Channel.





How To Lock Gallery On Secret Place In Any Device


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