Lock screen safe

How to Lock screen safe in our android device

How to Lock screen safe in our android device


Hi friends today we suggest the superb trick to locking mobile that can be all time safer and secured, to know about the trick you only need to follow our instructions step by step thats it How to Lock screen safe in our android device.



How to Lock screen safe in our android device :

  • guys usually in our smartphones we apply the lock screen and fingerprint or else pattern, face locks thats is for our safety purpose.
  • but whenever you unlocking your mobile then other have probability to see passwords and pin to unlock in easy way.
  • because its quite normal to unlocking our device with others if they watch our lock once friends.
  • further they can unlock mobile when you’re at sleeping by face or fingerprint.
  • obviously after device opens with those tricks all our personal details and gallery images, calls, contacts all will be revealed by other person.
  • its very unsafe by locking devices with old methods, further we bringed the best ever solution for it.
  • for that app you need to install one application which gonna given below in this article see at out now.



Lock screen safe



benefits of this Lock screen safe :

  • when we move to some where on work at those times commonly all will put their mobiles in pocket.
  • so in that situation unwanted touches will happens inside the pocket when we walk or driving etc.
  • so it leads to calling someone unknown and emergency calls will automatically goes itself when mobile in pocket.
  • this Lock screen safe app will blocks those types of touches and disable the unrequired touching’s guys.
  • in different modes of locking systems that you use before will available at this application.
  • some phones in now a days are coming with driving mode for safety, but this option not having those who having old version smartphones.
  • no problem now onwards use that exact feature in old mobiles through application friends.



installation method of Lock screen safe application :

  • in every android smartphone the playstore is best and secured app to install unknow sources apps.
  • for iphone users Appstore is better, so presently we gonna explain for android users guys.
  • get into playstore now and type Touch Lock Screen Lock, name in search box.
  • then its shows on top place with Light Blue Touch logo.
  • when recognized it give the press on it, then all the information about that programme will displays.




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what we have to see before installation :

  • first a fall do check the developer creator name which is KIDSCRAPE PTE.LTD.
  • coming to downside we have ratings about the app performance.
  • also it depends on public opinions and experiences they will rate according too.
  • further app contains of 3.7 ratings, along with 5 thousand plus public reviews.
  • for exact functioning and features working you could checkout those.
  • it contains 11 mb in size, its quite smaller easily your device may handle.
  • the huge number of people who downloaded app are 10L+ plus.
  • overally after checking touch on install button which is in blue color then leave it for a while guys.



downloading after next procedure :

  • particularly 2 new options appears when installation completes.
  • continue with open then at starting the new pop up comes with privacy and policy.
  • touch the accept button which is in green color, then other little box initialization named window permission appears.
  • it prevent accidentally screen touch and allow overlay permission.
  • then how to use banners will displayed, swipe it left side then do click enable now option at bottom yellow colored.
  • accept every single permission , at lastly app main screen loads on.



Lock screen safe



how to use Lock screen safe :

  • to quick taps and double click to unlock mobile, require to take premium version or else watch 3+ Ads guys.
  • now onwards set the volume buttons as lock buttons.
  • add floating ball it works as assistive lock button on your screen friends.
  • this manner add lock methods in phone.



Advanced settings in Lock screen safe :

  • on bottom screen the advanced settings button appears press that.
  • we have both locking and unlocking settings.
  • if you get calls from girlfriend or boy friend then we could lock their calls by ticking the box.
  • add hints, touching’s bubbles, apply vibration while unlocking.
  • keep Animations on screen for fantastic view.
  • similarly we have multiple many options to set the lock screen interface.
  • hide status bar, volume keys, touch effects, and others etc.



Lock screen safe



Conclusion about Lock screen safe :

  • We Provide application Link on article through link download app easily.
  • For Daily Extra applications Related to This Types application ask in our comment Section Friends.
  • We Will Bring Most Useful applications Which are Fully Free to Use and Also We Bring Only Free applications.
  • thank you so much for reading our article, take care bye.





How to Lock screen safe in our android device


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