youtube hidden settings

Latest youtube hidden settings no one knows

Latest youtube hidden settings no one knows


Hi Friends in this article we will tell you superb and awesome trick and secret settings in youtube through our tips you could control youtube videos with gestures, Latest youtube hidden settings no one knows.



Latest youtube hidden settings no one knows :

  • if you have smartphone then commonly we do see the youtube videos in different categories.
  • but comparing to mx player youtube dont have the controlling options convenient and better.
  • because in mx player while playing some web series, movie or what ever videos.
  • then we have an option to control brightness and video sound volume with screen touch gestures.
  • further usually when we swipe left side up and down then screen brightness will changed guys.
  • from right swiping top to bottom volume of video will increases and decreases its very method adjust main things while playing video.
  • but coming to youtube its impossible to control those brightness and sound like mx player friends.
  • its now possible with single app which we are going to tell in this article.



youtube hidden settings



benefits of this youtube hidden settings :

  • mainly every one will watch shows, entertainment, funny, or many other liked videos etc for educational and entertainment purpose.
  • while playing video in youtube this only can be done.
  • those we can pause, swipe and move forward and backward and skip when tapping two time at right side screen on video.
  • now on wards apply the gestures and change the youtube as like mx player.
  • add volume symbol where did you require and adjust the brightness on youtube while watching video only.
  • that will saves your time more friends because on every time using buttons will damaged and not works properly.
  • in down paragraph we provided the app title info about it guys.



installing method :

  • to install third party source apps, particularly in smartphones playstore is available.
  • so those who know apps place then go head and open it.
  • at top layer search icon is appears touch on.
  • keyboard which having in your phone will be displayed in that you should have to type app name which is in the name of Touch Controls.
  • additionally press enter button on keyboard after entering total title perfectly.
  • surely it loads on first position with green background settings icon in that volume logo is placed friends.
  • tap on that app, then on other page entire details about it will be loaded.




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see this information about application :

  • This is from AppListo company, able to see in exact down of Touch Controls.
  • 3.5 is ratings of app, good in ratings too.
  • for public opinion about this youtube hidden settings app you could check out reviews their will be 1 thousand plus.
  • it might take the storage in mobile which is about 3.5 mb only.
  • higher than 1L+ plus people have downloaded this youtube hidden settings application friends



any permissions will asked after downloading :

  • accessibility settings and other permission will shown at starting.
  • click View Disclosure and enable accessibility service at down side it available.
  • then disclosure opens touch enable option, then it redirects to phone settings go to downloaded services and accept touch controls.
  • after accepting accessibility then reback to app.
  • Nextly you need click grant permissions, then again takes to system display over other apps permit allow that.
  • must and should each permit that we enter need to accept for proper working process of application.



youtube hidden settings



how to use youtube hidden settings app :

  • when allowing all permits, general and other settings rendered.
  • test mode is defaultly ticked, just we have adjust swipe velocity options.
  • if you need fast, normal, slow what ever adjust accordingly.
  • to show percentage of brightness and volume levels click use percentage box.
  • for automatic adjust brightness increaser and decreaser go with use automatic brightness option guys.
  • select the vertical and horizontal margins according to your convivence.
  • in this way from premium settings similarly set volume button tapping actions.



conclusion about youtube hidden settings app :

  • so in this simple way you might add gestures on youtube too.
  • every one will shock after seeing that youtube gestures.
  • it saves time and as well as volume buttons also friends.
  • overally this is the  trick for today will catch up you on another awesome, fantastic article bye.





youtube hidden settings

Latest youtube hidden settings no one knows

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