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Now Operate Mobile By Speaking Works In Any Device

Now Operate Mobile By Speaking Works In Any Device


Hello Guys Welcome to Our Channel Now We will Explain about an mobile Trick and excellent feature is that you can Operate mobile by talking and by clapping mobile Torch will turned on with out using mobile. Now Operate Mobile By Speaking Works In Any Device.



Now Operate Mobile By Speaking Works In Any Device :

  • Guys This Application available on Playstore with 3.8 plus Ratings ,that was very Good Rating in Playstore.
  • There are 21 K Plus Amazing reviews and those reviews are written by Those who are already written.
  • If you want to read them then you can read it clearly.
  • 5 Million plus Downloaded people and using this useful application without any problem.



Operate Mobile



About Application Information :

  • Guys This app Was Developed by Global Corporation and Launched on May 19 2016.
  • They Updated This app Recently with Amazing features and released on January 4, 2022 .
  • The updated version of app is 3.8 version, You can use application very smooth in any device.
  • Just You need Only 6.8 Mb To Download the application guy’s.



Benefits Of This Operate Mobile Application :

  • Guys if you use mobile daily then you may face the problem like torch light turning by Opening the Lock Screen.
  • When at Power cut time then you have to find mobile and need to unlock mobile and turn on the torch by this app you can turn by Speaking.
  • With the help of app features simply speak to turn on in your language then automatically mobile torch will Flashed.
  • So that Dont need to Check mobile at Power cut Times And in Darkness Places.
  • Not only Torch light friends you can Operate some small Functions Calculator and other etc.. that we will Talk In Application
  • On updated version of app you can see more features like Shake to Turn on Flash light, and Siren lights etc..




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Disadvantages Without This Application :

  • At Some times commonly power cut will happens so on those time we cant able to see mobile we are Dropped it .
  • We Cant find mobile till the Power Comes Back so we face the Issues weekly a twice like this problem guys.
  • If we put somewhere mobile then forget at busy work ,But we need the mobile at correct time mobile will not Appeared.
  • So we will waste the time and Other works by Missing Mobiles.
  • To avoid all this problems simply Download and this application you can find mobile anywhere you dropped or forgotten the mobile easily find.



Lets Start the Download Procedure Of Application :

  • Now Open the Mobile and Turn on mobile data or connect with WIFI, because we required only internet to download the application as you know.
  • After Connected With Data Now Open mobile Playstore or Apps store which you need to Download on.
  • But we suggesting to open only Playstore download any applications ,after Opened Playstore Click on search Bar at Top of the screen.
  • In addition Clicking Search bar Type the Same application Name Is Speak to torch Light clap to.


Operate Mobile



Playstore Downloading Process Of Operate Mobile:

  • Then After Typed application name Click the Enter or Search button which is there on your mobile guys.
  • Now Playstore will loads some applications similarly as this, you have to Find our app in the Logo of A Speaking lady with Mobile Torch light.
  • In addition finded out the app simply on it, then you uninstall and open options.
  • Guys Dont Click on Uninstall this option will delete Downloaded app.
  • So click only on Open Option Guys.



After Downloaded Asking Permissions :

  • Then after clicked open option app will loads little bit and open with interface of Application home screen guys.
  • On Home screen You have lots of features to use but firstly Click on Color icon option at those three features.
  • Then Give Permissions to Audio and video simply click on allow guys.
  • In addition come back to homescreen Click on Claps Icon at middle of the Screen.
  • Again another permission will ask allow and come back homescreen.
  • Guys if any more permissions will required then we tell about those permits while using the app.



Operate Mobile



How To And Start Using This Application :

  • Guys Finally to use this app now click on power icon from this icon you can turn on flash light any time when you needed.
  • Then Coming To other option now Tap on Color Icon at middle of the screen at First place.
  • This option will have lots of colors to Apply on Flash light When you Speak or Apply on Police siren guys.
  • Click on Clap icon and simply Clap with your hands then automatically torch will turned on guys.
  • This will works even if you close the application, very amazing feature.
  • Now Coming to Police Light Option this will used to search mobile by speaking it will blinks and sounds police siren.



Amazing Features Very Useful To Operate Mobile :

  • Guys You available this features at bottom of screen, there are three types of features they are Flashlight By Shake , Calculator By Voice, and Search by voice.
  • Now Start With First feature Flashlight By Shake tap on it And you have to enable the Hake Option at Bottom of screen.
  • Then Now Shake your mobile automatically Flash light will turned on Guys Looks Very Cool.
  • After This feature Now Come to Homescreen.



Operate Mobile



Calculator By Voice Feature :

  • Now We Check another feature working process for that click on Calculator by voice option.
  • Two Option will there in Calculator By Voice Feature they are Voice and Normal, So click an voice option now you can see speaker option at bottom right side.
  • To use This voice facility Press and Hold the speaker and say what you need to calculate guy’s.
  • Like this Feature will Works Perfectly Guys Very Useful feature too.
  • By Clicking Normal Option You ca use as Regular Calculator which is in System also.
  • But When Tried this Voice calculator IN front of others then they will Feel shocked.



Search by Voice Feature Functions :

  • Finally Guys Last feature on the application is Search by voice This feature is actually Used to search on social media applications.
  • With the help of this Feature you can Browse any information and videos photos by Voice guy’s.
  • By Speaking anything Search easily with out typing on keyboard.
  • You have all of Social media like YouTube ,Facebook, Twitter, and amazon etc..



Operate Mobile



Conclusion About This Application : 

  • Finally Like This application will works by voice only with out any issue you can use freely.
  • Now Download the Application if you like Very Useful and amazing features.
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  • If You want see those upcoming videos then turn on the Bell Icon after subscribe so that you will get immediately notifications.





Operate Mobile

Now Operate Mobile By Speaking Works In Any Device


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