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How To Get Any Information With Image

How To Get Any Information With Image


Hello Guys Welcome to Our channel Tech In Telugu Today We will Learn How To get Full Information And Details Of Any Image By Simply Capturing Photos and Uploading Any Image on Your mobile, so That You Don’t Need to search Any information on any browsers or Any app ,You able to search Such as Cars, Phones, Accessories ,and Plants Names, And Others Need to Know, How To Get Any Information With Image.



How To Get Any Information With Image :

  • To know Details Of Any Image Further we need to download the small application Guys.
  • For that app you no need to Search anywhere on Browsers, we will provide application link on this article and also reveal the app Name Too.
  • So Without skipping the article read this article full so that you will get full Clarity.
  • This Application will Supports all android devices easily.






Full Application Information :

  • Guys This application Is On Playstore with Ratings Of 3.0 Plus This Application has Very Good Ratings On Playstore.
  • If You Check size Of application You need to spend Only 4.4 Mb Mobile Data To Download App.
  • App will handle any of Your Android Devices very Smoothly Guys.
  • There Are 100k It means one Lakh Plus Users are Downloaded This application And Using app.



Application Released On :

  • There are Eight Hundred One Plus Amazing Reviews are Given By Used users With amazing Reviews.
  • This application was Developed by LD STUDIO And They Launched In October 3, 2017.
  • If We can check the version this app version is 1.0.5 and they also updated the application with More excellent features and released on October 2, 2020.




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Benefits Of This Any Information Application :

  • When Some times we need to search or Find the Information about some products or Other Information like Electronics, Gadgets any Many Other etc..
  • You need to Capture any picture and apply or upload on this application guys.
  • So, then app will recognize the image and show the application whole details.
  • In addition check browse all features like amazon,flipkart,a, so with any Issue Browse all features like this.
  • In simple Way Capture and find out the information Guys.



Disadvantages Without This Application :

  • Guys if you Want To search any Information Or any Details About some Times, Further we need to browse only on Some browsers or any other Websites only.
  • Without this we cant find any information On Some Gadgets and Other Related Details.
  • So Guys Without any Delay Lets continue to download application.



Any Information



Downloading Any Information Application :

  • So Finally to download this application now open playstore of your mobile and Check if mobile Connected to internet or Not.
  • If Connected Its ok But not Connected then Turn on Data network.
  • Then On playstore you can see search bar at top of the screen, So Press on that.
  • Keyboard will displayed Now On Keyboard Type the application name is Image Recognizer.
  • Click Then After Typed app Name now search the app in playstore guys.



Installation Process Of This Any information Application :

  • Now Application will Loads On Playstore at Fourth Place Guys.
  • Simply Click on it or if you not found app then see LD Studio Company Name too.
  • You May Find with Company name easily After Finded Click on it ,Install Button Will Opened Guys.
  • As you Know Press On Install Button To Download on your mobile and Wait some time to download the application.



Any Information



After Downloaded Any Information Permissions :

  • Friends You able to see Uninstall and Open Buttons after Downloaded Application.
  • Don’t Click On Uninstall, Press only on open Option Guys.
  • Then Application Will Opens Directly with out asking any permissions.
  • So If permissions Will Ask while using this application then we will Tell On next paras.



Working Process Of Application :

  • Guys On homescreen You have Three Types of features on Screen.
  • We will explain all those features detailly without missing any Feature.
  • They are Recognize everything, Recognize QR Code and Recognize bar code.





Recognize Everything Feature Using Process and Uses :

  • This Feature will have at first place on screen and at top of the screen.
  • Now Tap on it you able to see Take Picture Or Select A picture options.
  • You can Take a Live picture or Select a Pic from gallery too Guys, we will check take a picture option simply tap on it and allow permission.
  • Then automatically camera will opened now capture any thing need to search guys.
  • Now Coming to select picture option this will takes you to gallery and from your gallery add picture to search guys.
  • Any thing will search on this feature by any image Friends.



Recognize QR code Feature working process :

  • This Feature will there on second place on screen, So Click on it to check working Process.
  • This option will Used to search any QR code information easily by adding or taking Pictures.
  • So Simply Check any product details with the help this feature Guys.
  • This Feature will Uses on Shopping or Gadgets price or name of the Products with this Feature.


Final Feature Is Recognize Bar Code :

  • This Feature Will Uses to find the Information Through Bar Code also.
  • Bar code will available on most of the food items Like Biscuit, and others etc..
  • If you want to know the details of those item then Simply Scan The Bar Code on this application and find out all details.



Conclusion About this Any Information Application :

  • So Guys That’s It About this useful application, if you want to any Information of any Product, Then Download This Application.
  • Simple to Use and Find all information about the items or any thing very Easily.
  • For more Useful applications Like this ,then Subscribe our channel For Latest Updates.
  • That’s it For today Guys lets meet on Next Amazing Application.





How To Get Any Information With Image

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