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Hallo friends welcome to Tech in telugu website here you are going to Learn about how to read whatsapp deleted messages


how to read whatsapp deleted messages :

  • Friends are Android mobile, compulsory, everyone with Android mobile is using WhatsApp.
  • Most of the secret settings if friends are on WhatsApp, but most people do not know Secret Settings may not be secret tricks.
  • On this blog today we can ever see you on WhatsApp without talking about a secret trick related to WhatsApp.
  • We will delete them before reading our friends on WhatsApp.
  • We can’t open that message and we will talk about the same problem today on this blog.
  • Friends This is how we can read the message deleted on our WhatsApp, and you can read them very easily in this blog if you send a message on WhatsApp to you.


We need any application :

  • Friends are from you and you are also using WhatsApp, but you will see this problem once.
  • If we see it on WhatsApp, our friends will message us on WhatsApp and delete all the messages.
  • We need to open them if we can’t open them later, you have to use a small application.
  • You do not need to find out what the application is to download and how to use the application after the setting.
  • Because I will give you all the details of the application on this blog you can read from there and learn how to use the application.
  • Similarly, I will give you a link related to the application. You can download the application from there. Download




How to download the application :

  • Friends Open your Android Mobile Play Store to download the application in the photo above.
  • Open it on your Android mobile Play Store Application. Now you will see a search bar in this application.
  • Type Wamr Recover Deleted Messages & Status Download in that search bar.
  • The application will be open in the photo above you immediately.
  • This application is only 12MB, which means a very small application. And if you see Kanaka’s rating of this application, it is up to 4.6, which is also a very good rating friend.
  • There are also 10m + downloads as the downloads of this application. The Last Update of this application was done on the day of Jan 2020.

How to install the application :

  • Under Friends Application it looks like Install. Press on that install. Application will start downloading immediately.
  • Application will be installed for you after the application is exhausted. Stay up to Installation Oops.
  • Once the installation is exhausted, the application will scanning your mobile once.
  • Stay up to the canning oops and then the scanning will be done underneath you. Press on that done.
  • Now you appear to be open under Application. The application is automatically open when pressing on the OPEN



After download the application :

  • Friends will download this application and open the application with a little loading and open.
  • Then the application asks you to you two to three permits.
  • A Clarity is coming on how to use a page application for you.
  • You can learn all the details on how to use this application from where you can use it.
  • After this is exhausted, you will be showing all the applications on your mobile in the middle.
  • You have to select all the applications as to which you want to read the messages related to any application.
  • After selecting you will try again under the end.





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Settings in the application :

  • When the friends are setting this, now the application’s main interface will be open and you have nothing to do in this application.
  • Get out of the application and download this application and select any application on WhatsApp.
  • If the application is deleted, all of those messages come and see you go into WhatsApp immediately come into the application.
  • There is an open name in the name of them where many messages are deleted and they all appear here.
  • Then you can ask you to send this way to delete what you say.
  • The application is that you are shocked to say that they should read the same way after deleted the friends.

If you are use this application :

  • So this is not even a very big application. Small application is not even an outside application you can use this way if you can use this way.
  • This application can be found in the Play Store so you can download it from there.
  • You can download it and you can do the settings and the details of this application can also be read or read on this blog when you download the application.
  • After the setting you once have the application setting, and then you have to read the message.
  • If you want to download this application into mobile since then you want to read the message that you want to read.
  • Share your friends because the message deleted on WhatsApp is very embarrassing.





App info :
Version : 0.10.2
Updated on : 7 Jan 2020
Downloads : 10,000,000+ downloads
In-app purchases : 7150.00 per item
Offered by : drilens apps
Released on : 11 Jul 2022


Finally :

  • This is what you have learned in the installation and usage of the application of friends. If you ask your Friends Compulsory Suggest.
  • If you like this application, you can download this application once and try.
  • If you see your friends when you use this application, your friend is shocked. If you like this small application, share with your Friends.
  • Thank You For Reading Friends Take Care Bye ……..




how to read whatsapp deleted messages




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