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Now Search Any Image Full Details On Single Tap

Now Search Any Image Full Details On Single Tap


Hello Friends Welcome Back To Our Channel Ringtones Adda Today We are Going Learn About An Very Useful Trick to Find Any Images,Pictures,photos Full Information By Single Tap, For Example If you want to Search about Insects ,Plants Names and Details then simply Capture the picture and Click on search That’s it You will get all Related Information, Now Search Any Image Full Details On Google Lens.



Now Search Any Image Full Details On Single Tap :

  • To Use this Feature and Also Camera App we Need to Download The Small Application.
  • Through That application we Able to Capture Beautiful photos and Other Actions too.
  • So no Need To Search For the application on Any browsers We will Provide Application link in this article guys.
  • Then Simply Download From the Application Link and Also Give Application name in Article Download Easily.



Search Any Image



Know Application Details :

  • So Guys This App Is Now Available on Playstore with 4.4 Plus Rated In Playstore.
  • There are 1 Million Plus Reviews It Means 10 Lakh Plus Users Are Reviewed this Application with Superb Reviews.
  • This Useful Application was Developed by Google LLC.
  • They Launched Application on June 4 2018 and Also Updated recently By adding excellent features and options and released on May11,2022.



Total Information About Application :

  • Guys If You check the Downloaded Users Then You will Shocked After seeing Downloads.
  • There Are 1 Billion Plus Users are Installed application On there mobiles and Using Successfully With out Any Issues.
  • Application Size Is Only 19 Mb Guys And Easily Supports any Android Devices.
  • App will Works on Any Kind Of Mobiles very Smoothly Guys.




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Benefits Of This Search Any Image Application : 

  • Friends Some times we dont know some gadgets names, plants, animal names Instruments and all other Living and non Living Things Details.
  • It Means We Dont Know what will called Some things on that time this application will used to Search details of that.
  • By Capturing The picture from app and by tapping search bar then application will Shows All Information about the Product or any Thing.
  • And Translate Any Language as google translator b Uploading images Guys.
  • You able to Copy The Any long Page also guys this feature will also Uses Some times.
  • This App Will Uses for more things We will Discuss in Using Procedure Friends.



Disadvantages Without This Search Any Image Application :

  • When Searching For Some information Like Hero’s ,Heroines and Animals names etc.. On Browsers.
  • Then We need to search information on Browser So we will Have to open Every time we needed.
  • So without  Browser We Cant Search any Image Information Guys But In this article we tell solution to search any image Details Faster.
  • On Normal Mobile Camera There are only few effects and Filters will there.
  • To Copy Any Text On image it will not easy To Copy on Mobile Guys.



Search Any Image



Downloading Procedure Of This Application In Playstore :

  • Guys Open The Playstore on Your mobile after turning on Mobile Data, because without internet application will Not Downloads.
  • After Connected Data Open Playstore Tap on Search bar at top of the mobile screen guys.
  • Keyboard Of Mobile Will Opened now Type Application Is Name is Google Lens.
  • In Addition Click on search button after Typed App Name to Load In Playstore.



Installation Procedure Application :

  • Now App will Loaded on Playstore guys At the top[ of the mobile screen.
  • So Simply Click on it Install option Will Appeared Now Click on it to Downloads this Amazing Application On Your mobile.
  • In addition Wait Few Seconds To Download This Application On Mobile.
  • If Your Met Speed Is good App will Downloads Very Fastly In Seconds ,If Not Speed Then It Will Takes Some Time guys.



Search Any Image



After Downloaded Application Give This Permissions :

  • Then after Downloaded Application You will See Two Options they Are Uninstall And Open Options.
  • So As Known Already Click on Open Option then Directly Application Will Opened Guys.
  • If You want To Give any Permissions We will Explain how to give On Going This Application working process.



Using Procedure Of This Search Any Image Application :

  • Guys On On Home screen Of app You will Have 7 types of Features At the Bottom of the screen guys.
  • We will Discuss the uses and Important Information about those features with out any Late.
  • Coming To Translate Feature this Is at First place on Bottom Feature used to Translate Any Page or Picture Languages or Unknow Language Easily With this Feature Guys.





Text Feature Uses And Working Procedure :

  • This Feature available at Second Place after Translate option Guys Now Tap on it to know Features .
  • So with This You may Capture any Pictur5e or take any image from Image that you needed to Copy Full Content .
  • on Tapping Double On Text You can Select all Content To Copy or Any Information Easily Copay And Paste Any where.
  • Without Any tension Use this amazing Feature on your mobile too.



Search Featured Used To :

  • This Feature will Available on At Third Place At Bottom Of Screen Friends, this Will Also Very Helpful To you.
  • Because If You want To Know Any Image Or Any Object or Any names and Whole Information.
  • Then Simply Capture the image or Select From your Gallery To Search the Whole Information On Google Lens By Single Tap.
  • This App Will Search and Give All Details About that you captured, This Feature also Very useful To All Mobile Users.



Home Work Feature Working Process :

  • This Feature At 4th Place on Bottom of the screen guys, this will very useful for students and College Students or any Educational Purpose.
  • So Capturing Any Picture or any Type of Educational Information Will Available On This Feature Guys.
  • So Without Any Delay Lets Download this application And Use this Feature In Your mobile.



Shopping Feature Will Used To :

  • This Option Will At 5th place On Bottom Features Guys.
  • You can Scan Any Barcode On Camera To Find the Price Or Name Of this Products Very Easily with this Option.
  • This Feature Is Helpful At Shopping For any Product On Some times.



Places Feature Work Process :

  • Now Coming To Sixth Feature Places, This Used To Search or  Find any Place By Capturing the Images.
  • For that Need To allow Location Permission Guys So Click on Go To Settings Option and Allow Permission.
  • Then Start Finding whole details of Buildings And Others Relative Information Easily Guys.



Last Feature Is Dining Work Procedure :

  • With This Feature Search any restaurants Menu or By Taking Food menu Photo Also select Restaurant Details Too Guys.
  • All Information On Restaurants Will Comes On Your mobile.
  • So Select any Of You Food items and Order them Easily by Menu Guys.



Finally Conclusion About This Search Any Image Application :

  • So That’s it Guys Application Will Works Like this Easily With out any Tension.
  • For more applications Like this Then Simply Ask On Our Comment Section.
  • We will Bring All Very Useful app IN front Of You.
  • To Come Updates From our Channel Dont forget To Subscribe our Channel And Turn On Bell Icon To Be Notified For every Update.





Now Search Any Image Full Details On Single Tap


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