Zip Lock

Zip Lock No One Can Open Your Mobile Lock Tricks

Zip Lock No One Can Open Your Mobile Lock Tricks


Hi Guys Good Evening and Welcome To Tech In Telugu Channel, are you Using mobile If Any Tried or Unlocking The Mobile Lock Very easily without taking Permission then Apply This Awesome Lock on Your Mobile After It No One Will Understand How to unlock unless you Zip Lock No One Can Open Your Mobile Lock Tricks.



Zip Lock No One Can Open Your Mobile Lock Tricks :

  • In Mobile we apply Pattern, swipe, Pin Locks But Some where our lock will Displayed to easily.
  • Then Another Persons Like Friends, Parents, Lover Can Have a Chance to Open Your Mobile and in moment you Known Very well
  • If They see and leave ok but unknown persons will give punish and ask for money other wise they told to reveal photos and personal data.
  • Because Of Simple Unsecure Thing Unknown Will Hack The Device By Checking Improper Locking System.
  • To Come Out From All those errors and problems no do same process ahs we tell And please dont miss single point.



Zip Lock



Know Briefly About This Zip Lock Application :

  • We Set Finger Lock, Swipe, Display Lock, Side mounted etc but Not Similar to It Explain About Great App Which is Having 3.5 Ratings.
  • Twenty Six Thousand People Has Produced Reviews and comments About App Working Features, Best Options, Etc..
  • In 8.0 Mb Of Data Get wonderful locking Secured Colorful app Forever Guys.
  • Main Thing Is App Launched On April 19 Date of 2018 and Recently Fixed all Bugs, minor errors Finally Released At January 26, 2023.



Benefits Of This Zip Lock Application :

  • This is an app with the help of which you can make your mobile something different guys.
  • As you open your mobile, you seen as a jeep in front of Mobile Home.
  • Then your mobile will look very beautiful and all the features will be found inside it. Eg wallpaper themes etc.
  • Talking about the download, you can download this app very easy.
  • If Perfectly Swiping Downwards Of zip in Particular Manner Then Only the Lock Will Completely Open Guys.
  • Wonderful Looking with Heart symbols Gets Refreshment On Your face Mobile Turns in Seconds in to Classy looks friends.




Access Camera Notifies You If Any App Secretly Running

Note Pin Your Every Work Without Forget Get Reminder

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Disadvantages Without This Zip Lock Application :

  • If You Bored With Commonly Using Locking Methods So That’s Why We Taken Very Amazing Satisfaction Will Gets Guys.
  • When Unlocking with Mobile Pattern Or Pin Casual Looking not Interested After Simultaneously Doing It.
  • To Get Fresh Look In Different Manner We Consider To Download Below App Link Given Hurry Up and Install Faster.



How To Install This Zip Lock Application :

  • For Installation Purpose Open Playstore only Guys Then Touch At Search Free Space Box on Home Page.
  • Immediately Keyboard will Displayed Lets type Heart Zipper Lock Screen and Start Finding It Friends.
  • Then On third Place Or in 1st position app Loads just make a Touch on it.
  • Install button Page Displayed In Second Finally Click On and Wait For While To loading Installation.



Zip Lock



After Downloaded Any Permissions Required :

  • When Installation Overs New Open Option Comes on your Screen Friends.
  • It Means We Are Ready to Use app Lets Click it Then Directly Draw Over Permission Displayed as Popup.
  • In another Step Press enable and it Redirects to Floating Windows Permits on Smartphone Settings Find App and Allow it Guys.



Start Using Application In This Method :

  • When Granted Permit Some What Loading Will Takes then Home Screen Layout Of app Shows.
  • Main Thing We Have to Enable Lock Screen option Because It is Important Source For Amazing Look and Starting Equipment.
  • Then after You May Check The Preview Of Locking System Does How it Attracted and Displays At Lock Screen.
  • Set Themes to Create Greatest Marvelous looking To Your Mobile.
  • Themes Containing Emojis Zip, Diamonds, Heart, Love, Teddy Bear, Girls Locker, Roses Zipper, Flowers, Magical Locker, Leather etc All Are free and No Need to Pay Single Paisa.
  • According to above all Other Options like Wallpapers and Zipper Styles, Row Styles also Similar To It Check Out Friends.



Zip Lock



Settings In This Zip Lock Application :

  • Fourth Feature Is Given as Settings Guys Continue Press It.
  • From settings Generate The Security System For Patter And Setting Password Lock Through It.
  • Set Zipper Wallpapers From Your gallery And own Pictures too.
  • Else Make Transparent Background Nothing Will Dark all Thing apps In Home Screen Mobile Transparent.
  • Apply Vibration On Touching pattern Or Entering Pin, Arrange date According to Your Present etc..



Finally Conclusion About This Zip Lock Application :

  • You will get all the features like wallpapers, themes, and more.
  • So if you want to download this app and use it then today’s article is just for you.
  • Because inside today’s article, I will tell you about this app step by step in full details Friends.
  • Further understand yourself and you can also share it among With your friends.
  • Let us Meet Again On Next Article Untill Take care Bye See you Later.





Zip Lock No One Can Open Your Mobile Lock Tricks



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