Access Camera

Access Camera Notifies You If Any App Secretly Running

Access Camera Notifies You If Any App Secretly Running


Hello Guys Whatsapp Hope you all Well Lets Know Whats Happening In our smartphone in Background running apps usually we install many apps whether it may from playstore or browsers like third party apps so we give them all permissions without thinking lets Check Whats going on from this article Access Camera.



Access Camera Notifies You If Any App Secretly Running :

  • We Provide all access to microphone and camera with out reading and knowing the requirements in Mobile.
  • But They leads unwanted issues which you can loss all of yours important data.
  • To Bring a solution solving it must wanted one single app.
  • It Is most popular and real app to check all secrets of other apps.
  • Which Containing 4.1 Rated in Playstore With Wonderful Reviews 14 Thousand And More People Shared Opinions and Info.
  • 1 Million Downloads check the camera access and microphone access details in mobile and Saving Them Self’s.



Access Camera



Benefits Of This Access Camera Application :

  • This app Mostly more important for any Smartphone users but must and should it required for Girls.
  • Because Now a Days College girls and other boys using mobile Continuously install Different Social and Third Party apps.
  • Giving all Those Permissions is not important but check twice when Access camera and microphone permissions.
  • No Problem after installed this amazing app when Gived camera access microphone settings Guys.
  • When Someone uses the camera of your mobile.
  • Then get instant notification Beside camera when unknown use camera and Microphone.
  • Beware of hacking and scams by Apps On Mobile guys.



Disadvantages Without This Microphone Access Application :

  • Please Share This Information to Girls Because they also using Social Media Platforms and Apps From Browers.
  • While Searching Or In Scrolling On Social apps We See Links and Apps info We Cant Know App Actually Does.
  • We Download Simply According To Attractiveness on Ads and Allow Access for Camera and Microphone settings all Media, Photos Etc.
  • It So Simple To Hack Your Phone and Know Informational and allow Camera in Your Phones Guys.
  • Further It Causes Misleading and Blackmailing For You.
  • After Hackers taken Your Personal Photos, Videos And Data Info etc..




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How To Install This Access Camera Application :

  • To Save From Hacking and Misleads Then Simply Go To Playstore and Touch On Search Box Haves At Upward Screen.
  • Then keyboard will Generate Now Type Title Which Is Access Dots Android 12 IOS 1 Guys.
  • Your Iphone User then By Default all features of Security purpose available when anyone started hacking Iphone.
  • Then On Camera Beside You Can See Green Dot which Indicates Someone has Watching and Camera, microphone Accessed.
  • Coming to Present Point On Playstore App Loads at Main scree We Have Once Tap On It Guys.
  • Then Only Newly Install Button Shows Now Press and Stay on For Few seconds.



After Downloaded Any Permissions Required :

  • When Downloading Over Open option appears in another interface guys.
  • So Touch on it app First Look Shown With Access Dots Logo and Guys One More Info This App Made In India Too.
  • On same Screen Settings Icons , Love Symbol, Timer, i Buttons Will Available.
  • But now You have to Press On Access Dots Beside Button and Give Permission From System Settings.
  • When Scrolling towards down you have access dot app Permit.
  • Fastly Grant permission Before it Disclaimer come Click i Understand.



Access Camera



How To Use This Access Camera Application :

  • No Other Permissions and another Screen Comes Only It Is Final Step Guys.
  • From Now Onwards if any Access Of Camera and Microphone Used By Others Finded Out by App.
  • Then Immediately alerts Shown On Screen and Deny access as Soon as Possible Safely.
  • From Love Icon You Can Rate app in playstore and i button Shows all Details About app Guys.



Simple Steps To Follow :

  • This Were the simple Steps which is secure your whole and personal Information Photos, Videos, chats, etc With Small App.
  • You get Dots On Camera and Microphone beside.
  • Whether If any Use Camera and Microphones settings and Access Guys.



Access Camera



Settings In This Access Camera Application :

  • From Settings Able To Change Configuration Of Colors which Come at Camera Accessing and Microphone Access Dot.
  • Change As In your Way green to Red,Blue, Violet, Black, yellow etc.
  • Gps Location also Shown But In Default Its Off Make It On Guys.
  • Set Location In Different Places on Mobile Screen to Identify Easily.
  • Increase Size If Smaller To you access Dot By Swiping Right.



Conclusion About This Access Camera Application :

  • In This Way You Can Control Your Mobile from Hacking and Blackmails guys.
  • Literally Now A days All are getting Others Personal Info And Bargaining For Money By Hiding Facing.
  • So If This Article Is little Bit Helpful to You Then Share To Others about This App.
  • In Upcoming we Back next level Super Content Untill Than Take Care Bye Guys.





Access Camera Notifies You If Any App Secretly Running



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