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How to increase battery charging speed in mobile

How to increase battery charging speed in mobile


Hello Guys good morning & welcome to our channel Tech In Telugu, if you’re facing charging issues such as mobile battery not charging fastly still its time limit, taking over time to charge and other battery related problems will solved after reading our article How to increase battery charging speed in mobile.



How to increase battery charging speed in mobile :

  • usually the mobile performance will mostly decreased after long period and years of using guys.
  • when its in new condition obviously it works as a miracle.
  • in one, two years later will observe the difference easily guys.
  • the major errors come across such as battery draining fastly with in 2, 3 hours full charge consumes.
  • Next when we put at charge it takes very long time to full charge.
  • additionally many invisible problems occurs, but only solution to solve by downloading single application.



charging speed



advantages of battery charging application :

  • casually we use various apps, browsers for fun, and personal purposes.
  • But mostly dont close or force stop that apps they might run in background continuously guys.
  • further our mobile cpu and programmes, software observes more load.
  • so it leads to slow down our mobile, now this app will stops all those background running processes and boost up’s.
  • reduces every consumption on our mobile and increase the charging speed automatically and stop battery draining etc..



lets begin installation method :

  • move to playstore, after turning on mobile data.
  • at upper side of mobile you’ll find filling bar.
  • go through it and look for Charging Master name friends.
  • the adapter along with plugged into phone logo appears beside app title.
  • click it to open full info and other page about application.
  • it contains of 4.5 ratings, along with 10L+ downloaders.
  • in that tenlakhs 13 thousand people are dropped their personal experience about functionality about it.




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 which permission we have to grant :

  • their is no delay appear during downloading, with in some fraction seconds only app successfully installed friends.
  • but in continuing to home page nothing popup & permits not shown.
  • mostly you have to accept may be later on.



using process of battery charging application :

  • the current status of our battery able to see at first page.
  • if you dont know the battery details, then look on to know temperature, health status, charging, voltage, capacity, technology, and model of Device.
  • additional information also freely provided on application.
  • basically on upper layer our battery percentage displayed , it is exact percent also friends.
  • when touching detect then immediately all detected issues which mainly occurring issues will shown infront of us.



charging speed



tools feature working :

  • beside the home option, we find tools section.
  • through it you could see balance storage status, free ram space, how many degree temperature of mobile.
  • when you take the vip version, more advantages will opened.
  • currently without that check device info, notification clean, clipboard, temperature, charging detect, cpu usage etc.



battery charging application conclusion :

  • finally we shown the Way How Application Run On Our Android Devices Guys.
  • Try Once and Increase Battery Speed By Single Tap.
  • from now-on-wards Before 2 hours Charged device can Charge in 1 Hour Only.
  • it  saves your personal valuable time during battery charging.
  • That’s It Today Friends Lets Meet On Next Article..
  • Untill Than Don’t Miss To subscribe Channel tech in telugu.





charging speed

How to increase battery charging speed in mobile


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