How To Set Photo In Mobile Keyboard

How To Set Photo In Mobile Keyboard


Hello friends welcome to techintelugu website in this article we are going to learn about How To Set Photo In Mobile Keyboard



How To Set Photo In Mobile Keyboard :

  • If you want to send your mobile’s WhatsApp or any normal message, you will open the koboard on your mobile and do anything to anyone.
  • So there are so many types in keboard that they can be normal koboard or gaming keyboard may be mechanical keyboard.
  • How many people use Google Keyboard or chatting in Hindi also using Hindi Keyboard.
  • There is no need to buy this keyboard price.
  • You can use such a koboard freely, and you can also set your photo if you want to speak today.



We need any application for gaming Keyboard :

  • Friends you have used Gaming Keyboard or Use Mechanical keyboard you can’t set photos.
  • Today you can tell you about a small koboard application with this application you can easily set your photo on your mobile kyboard.
  • But friends have to download a small application for this.
  • Now you have to download the application from where to download it.
  • This is because you can give you all the details of the application in this blog.
    Also, you can download this blog at the end of this blog.





How to download google Keyboard :

  • If you want to download this Application, Open the PlayStore Application in your mobile simple.
  • If you look at it once, press on it and enter my Photo Koeard, you will see this application.
  • Friends have made this application Jack Martin App.
  • How many people are near Ten Million Downloads?
  • You can also download your photos on this koboard and set.



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– android keboard background image
– my photo keboard
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– my photo keboard 2021



settings in the mechanical Keyboard :

  • This Application Download and Open Application Open.
  • Then appear on your mobile if there are four option on top of a screen
    – Tap on Activation Button
    – Enable My Photo koboard per language and input settings
    – Select My Photo Keboard In Your Kobile List and Create Your Own TeamS
  • That is Under you please press on it that looks like a button that is NEXT.





Set photo in gaming Keyboard :

  • So now the Grant Permission Grant Read and Write External Storage Permission For Store and View Photos Media and Files on Mobile Home Screen.
  • You will be given a permit for a friend.
  • That application means Gaming Keyboard, Mechanical keyboard, Google keyboard, Hindi keyboard.
  • Now, Permission is giving away on our mobile screen now that Active KOBOard Select My Photo Keboard Language and Input Settings for Active My Photo Keboard.
  • Now you press on top of Active as simple



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some Category in this Keboard app :

  • Friends shows that the whole process mentioned above now shows that after you have done it, your mobile screen is activated on top.
  • The home screen open for this application.
  • And some category of this show you what they are
    – My themes
    – Special
    – Trending
    – Animated
    – Category
  • Press on the Create Fancy Theme that appears below you now look like a plus button under you.
  • When pressing on it, there are some photos of Alredi in this application.
  • There you can make a photo of you like your mobile’s Gaming Keyboard.





Now set photo in hindi Keyboard :

  • If we want to set our photo, you simply open the Mechanical keyboard.
  • The OPTION is the Gallery Option on top of it.
  • If you have any photo from there, you should select your mobile google keyboard.
  • If you are automatically that photo, koboard is setting.
  • Simply, you will look like a keboard if you open your WhatsApp or any chatting tab.
  • When you open your Google  to chat with someone, you will be shocked if your friend is open.





about this application :

  • If you want to set up the Hindi on your mobile this way, you will be downloaded under this blog immediately and use this Mechanical .
  • Updated : November 19, 2021
    Size : 7.4M
    Installs : 1,000,000+
    Current Version : 53
    Requires Android : 4.1 and up
    Content Rating : Rated for 3+


How To Set Photo In Mobile Keboard


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