photo while charging

How to apply photo while charging our phone

How to apply photo while charging our phone


Hello guys welcome back, lets discuss the brand new trick topic on this article, which is applying our photo while we connecting mobile to charging then charging screen looks more impressive & beautiful, so if you’re interested to know trick then keep reading article entirely How to apply photo while charging our phone.



How to apply photo while charging our phone :

  • In normal way the mobile display the default logo and interface while charge.
  • especially particular brands in smartphones might sound on plugged- in.
  • otherwise some animations may comes on plugging charging port etc.
  • but continuously seeing the same interface will feels too bore once up on time.
  • to attract yourself & other people just do this kind this settings.
  • which makes opponents shocking and new view on charging time.



photo while charging



benefits of photo while charging :

  • with the application help we might choose the photo on charging period.
  • so whenever you connect charger to mobile then selected image will shows with different animation guys.
  • it shows permanently picture on charging screen & also charging also filled in your mobile.
  • through the app we would edit our picture with applying filters, & effects.
  • picturize photo as our convivence, it has great features too.
  • add stickers, texts, crop and do multiple things and create images as stunning.



what is the application name :

  • now jump into playstore services app friends.
  • on upper layer you found the searching bar.
  • do touch on it, if keyboard appears then start writing this Battery Charging Photo.
  • in single second the app renders, it designed by Surekha developer.
  • contains of 3.9 ratings with combining 1thousand reviews.
  • 6.6 (megabytes) of size this application consumes whether in data or storage.
  • Five lakh huge number of people downloaded on their smartphones.
  • when you identify this points exactly then move on with install button.




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installing after :

  • On xiaomi mobiles you observe the scanning process.
  • such that it checks the security checkups etc..
  • in other phones directly we get open button playstore only.
  • continue to open, some ad screened while entering just avoid them with exit button friends.
  • you should accept the permissions now, for that press create image & allow overlay permit.
  • another grant video & camera permit, lastly accept media, files permit too.



how to set photo while charging :

  • Their you’ll find three options on original screen of home app.
  • lets go to create image option, then select camera or gallery for for choosing picture for apply on charging screen friends.
  • the cropping page enters on choosing photo, then scale the image as your personal way and click right tick from top.
  • it move move forward to another step, from their we could add effects, flipping picture, change pic, from image option.
  • to write anyone of favorite girlfriend name or other name on picture, then choose add text option guys.
  • to make image attractive & fantastic choose stickers feature, lastly touch save button to move to gallery.



photo while charging



photo while charging conclusion :

  • the charging photo able to see so much beautiful if you apply it on your phone.
  • so this application will Works like this , immediately try on your smartphones too.
  • Have any Problems and Doughts about the app, Drop the issue on Our Comment section Guys.
  • As soon as We will Respond To your Comment and Solve the Issues.
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photo while charging

How to apply photo while charging our phone


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