Best video editor

Best video editor for android phone users 2023

Best video editor for android phone users 2023


Hi friends welcome to tech in telugu channel after a long gap, today will show how to edit your videos like youtube videos, snapchat, reels, shorts in professional way editing so without skipping article read every part to know the editing procedure for freely Best video editor for android phone users 2023.



Best video editor for android phone users 2023 :

  • commonly we take videos and photos in our mobile.
  • if your a youtuber or do reels in instagram and upload daily shorts, stories about yourself like in the video.
  • then some times in videos we do some mistakes and other things.
  • so that we have to remove those types of clips and sounds etc.
  • in addition we required to edit in professional way to attract people on social media platforms.
  • if you use the cheap and old video editors that will not support high quality videos and not that much effects will not have in those editors.
  • we suggest the best editor application to edit your personal videos and others in simple way as a incredible manner guys.



Best video editor



benefits of this Best video editor :

  • obviously if your smartphone holder then Defienetly once up on a time used the kinemaster and in shot and other editors.
  • they are quite good but only problem is all edited videos from kinemaster will saved in gallery with watermark of it.
  • so it not looks better on edited video and every one will easily know that you have edited on kine master.
  • coming to other editors they will ask to purchase or take subscription pack to edit videos guys.
  • at those moment we cant do edit videos, but coming to our app its absolutetly free to use in any android device with free of cost.
  • in below para application name and other details are provided please have a look on it friends.



what is the Best video editor application name :

  • we directly show you how install on your mobile so that you could easily download on your devices.
  • in each android device playstore is given by default, go head and open it now.
  • then at of home screen searching tool appears at top of playstore home layout beside gmail icon.
  • give tap on it and enter this name is VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow.
  • at next page app will loaded, then do some things before install.




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see this information about application :

  • in down of app title you could see the developer name Ubiquiti Labs, LLC.
  • check whether best editor app contains 4.4 ratings are not.
  • its been 126 mb due to more features and effects.
  • More than 10 crore people have downloaded and 20lakhs reviews are commented by public who enjoying this app benefits.
  • in down of images about this app section appears, tap on it.
  • scroll to downwards at last you find the release date is 2018-may-04.
  • recently Best video editor might be upgraded on may 23 of 2023.
  • once you checked out this simply come back ward and press install.



after installation next procedure :

  • later some time app will installed successfully guys.
  • you should continue with open button, at starting asked to allow files and photos permission grant it.
  • thats it maximum only one permit will ask.
  • may be in other steps new permissions have a probability to display.
  • we tell how to give those permissions in further steps.



Best video editor



how to edit videos in Best video editor application :

  • lot of options will appears on home layout of app friends.
  • your projects, works, templates, stories, folders all shown main screen.
  • let we edit video by clicking plus in blue color which is at right corner of bottom.
  • then new project option appears press it and tap got it option in popup.
  • later yours gallery videos and photos displays, choose the videos edit.
  • the selected videos will comes to edit platform, know you could edit with cursor, trim video easily guys.



features on this editing app :

  • at left side of edit area we could see songs icons to add song on videos.
  • Text icon to give title intro, and headings etc it will useful.
  • to add more videos again choose the gallery icon to add additional videographs.
  • with speaker tool increase sound according to your level or else remove its your wish on video.
  • if you gonna edit for youtube or reels video format then click or original option at top middle.
  • then different types of ratios will shows, choose those options according to your requirement guys.



Best video editor



conclusion about Best video editor :

  • to save your edited projects, when your urgent work to go, at that click save icon.
  • then the edited video saved to app projects.
  • when you are free then you could edit again later by opening this Best video editor app guys.
  • for finalize and to export it press blue color up wards arrow icon and choose resolution, fps, bitrate and click right tick to export to your gallery.





Best video editor for android phone users 2023


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