pubg game hanging

how to solve bgmi game hanging & lagging problems

how to solve bgmi game hanging &lagging problems


hello friends from this article youre going to learn the best solutions for bgmi hanging problems, now onwards play pubg with lag free after doing this settings on your android mobile how to solve pubg game hanging &lagging problems.



how to solve bgmi game hanging &lagging problems :

  • usually if you have an android smartphone with less ram and small processor like 3gb , 2 gb ram phones will lag while playing pubg.
  • may be you have faced this issue while running or in fight with enemies mobile not renders location and graphics fastly in small android devices.
  • to over come this problem we have bringed the awesome tricks and settings to play pubg bgmi with out lag.
  • not only lesser ram phones, this lagging will occurs on high processor phones to such as it lags when enemies in bgmi game coming towards you.
  • or to play game smoothly you need to install one application it resolves all your issues in game in second guys.



pubg game hanging



benefits of this bgmi game hanging :

  • its quite easy to solve the pubg lagging issues from above application.
  • if you play different games like clash on clans, candy crush, car racing and many 1 gb games run faster in normal ram phones.
  • but coming to bgmi or pubg its total different.
  • because its very high storage taking game approximately above 2 to 3 gb consumes from internal phone storage.
  • so that normal devices cant handle it but this app will solve our problem very easily guys.
  • suppose are you a gaming lover such as you have more games in mobile. that we could arrange them in one section to open easy.



how do we download this bgmi game hanging app :

  • obviously every one knows the playstore app which usually used to download apps guys.
  • now its time to open it and press the searching tool or box it appears at upper side on playstore home.
  • then type Game Booster Game Launcher name in keyboard load out.
  • it appears at fifth place with red icon logo and its in the shape of Gaming Tool.
  • give a simple tap on it all the app displays at another screen.




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before clicking install see this points :

  • particularly we have to look on this points because you may download another.
  • mega fortuna is developed this pubg game hanging application.
  • 4.2 ratings with five lakh plus reviews are available.
  • more than one crore people using this app for best gameplay.
  • about this app title will appears in below of photos, click arrow mark placed on right corner guys.
  • then all related information about app is displays scroll down and see the released date is 2015 may 30.
  • its updated on 7 june 2023, which is mostly recently upgraded with more features.
  • atlast press on install button after checking completes.



bgmi game hanging after installation :

  • overally open app and at starting terms and privacy policy will appear.
  • on downside agree & continue option given simply tap it.
  • in pop up privacy note displays press on continue as free option.
  • next skip the another pop up, thats it app home interface will opens.



pubg game hanging



bgmi game hanging solution& app using process :

  • if you observe on bottom app screen yours present games appears.
  • to add all the games in your mobile as a shortcut press plus icon which is in red icon on bottom right corner.
  • then simply add the games and open them easily on next time.
  • on screen you could see the ram space for gaming on current device.
  • to stop lagging in game simply press white button from red color space.
  • then it ask the permission for booster, press permit and allow display pop up and window permission from mobile settings.
  • thats it you need to do and open the pubg or bgmi games from here, and play happily without any lag on pubg.



bgmi game hanging conclusion :

  • from now onwards your game will does not lag and hag.
  • with out any type of lag play freely and enjoy the game with your friends.
  • this pubg game hanging one app solve and boost ups the device and stops background opened apps.
  • for this type of content and articles please do follow us.





how to solve bgmi game hanging &lagging problems


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