Bgmi lag issue

How to solve Bgmi lag issue while playing game

How to solve Bgmi lag issue while playing game


Hey hello guys welcome back to our Tech In Telugu channel, so ausual we are here new tricks & tips, it uses more for gamers who play Pubg & Bgmi if you’re mobile lagging and rendering during playing we tell awesome mind blowing technique to solve it, How to solve Bgmi lag issue while playing game.



How to solve Bgmi lag issue while playing game :

  • so everyone is not applicable to play bgmi smoothly because in 100 members their are 70 percent people are using android phones.
  • because they will come under low budget and best benefits in it also.
  • Guys the games are run fastly, smoothly due to high ram, softwares, processor, and other features.
  • commonly most people buy the less price mobile with 3 and 4 gb of rams.
  • obviously the processor also less & lower due to this particular issues our mobile will lags, renders, loads, buffers etc.
  • if you’re looking for best trick to solve lag then this is article is perfect to you guys.
  • this downside app makes free our ram management,  and boost mobile to give belter performance.



Bgmi lag issue



benefits of application :

  • All background running apps, software programmes all will be shut down once.
  • through the app only we can play game for smooth game play.
  • whenever your going to start bgmi, just come to here and optimize once.
  • so that all cache, junks, files, auto running applications all will removed.
  • in various versions we could boost up our game.



from where we have download application :

  • internet is must and should important to download Bgmi lag issue app.
  • so beginning switch on the mobile data.
  • then jump to playstore which mostly and defaultly have in folders of google.
  • input this name Game Booster 4x Faster in searching box.




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identify app with this on playstore :

  • when the app displays with whole information you’ll get some of the main important names.
  • Exactly in that see the developer which particularly having in blue color in below title, so the company is our app from G19 Mobile.
  • according to users of it and with their experiences app have 4.3 ratings it is far better than other applications guys.
  • so many people downloaded it & still downloading for best gaming experience.
  • in mobile, this consumes 11Mb size its very less and talking about installs it crossed 1cr+ too.
  • after finded out this information correctly just move on with install button friends.



installation later :

  • in 1.9.9 version its gonna downloaded on in your smartphone.
  • Ausual continue with open option, then app interface will shown so in downside start option appears.
  • lets move with it, and one more thing no permissions displays till the home page also friends.



Bgmi lag issue



how to solve Bgmi lag issue :

  • App dashboard with various steps, options able to see over their guys.
  • what is the filled storage means how much space as completed in your mobile shown clearly on screen.
  • at beside it PING which currently receiving on mobile will shown.
  • it changes simultaneously according to place, area, signal strength etc..
  • to increase gaming experience better then press AI ANALYSIS.
  • so its gonna optimize our network speed and clears all processes which running in background & improves the game speed.



more options to solve Bgmi lag issue :

  • In below storage percentage you’ll find Optimized for benchmarks and heavy gaming page.
  • after activating it no lag problems will occur in bgmi.
  • but one condition for activation of it, you have to watch out ADS which is around only 30 seconds.
  • when completing seeing AD, automatically that option will turn on, its indication in green colored guys.
  • next coming to GFX Tool, with the help of resolution we could arrange the quality, FPS, Graphics in game upto Hd, HDR, & Ultra HD too.
  • finally touch next button for optimize and setup in bgmi.



Bgmi lag issue



Bgmi lag issue conclusion :

  • lastly you need to attach the game to boost, for that press plus icon in green color.
  • their every app which is in your mobile are shown.
  • please choose the Bgmi or other your favorite games to boost up.
  • so they gonna added here, and play games from app & enjoy without lag.
  • finally will meet you soon on other article take care bye.





How to solve Bgmi lag issue while playing game

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