How To Change Call Dialer In Any Mobile

How To Change Call Dialer In Any Mobile


Hello Friends ,Welcome back Our Channel Today we will Discuss an application which can turns your mobile into Premium look Dialer and very Useful Features on this application. How To Change Call Dialer In Any Mobile



How To Change Call Dialer In Any Mobile :

  • Friends this Useful application is available on Playstore with 4.4 plus ratings,100 crore plus Downloads, and 1 crore plus excellent reviews friends.
  • This application Was developed by Google LLC and released on 07 Dec 2015.
  • They Also Latest updated this application with more feature and Released on 29 Sept 2022.
  • You need To Spend only 9.1 mb to use this amazing dialer application friends.
  • So without any delay we will explain all details about this application.



Benefits Of This  Application :

  • Friends, you can make your mobile dialer Look in to iPhone look similar.
  • From this application you can identify spam calls easily on your mobile.
  • When Incoming Call Will comes to your mobile this application can automatically identify those spam call and show you as This Spam call.
  • So, that you can Save a lot of time by avoiding this Spam calls friends.
  • From this application you can check Whos calling on your phone number and easily identify from where they are calling you.



Extra Useful Benefits On This Application :

  • From this application you can check Whos calling on your phone number and easily identify from where they are calling you.
  • After identified those calls you will be avoid then you will save your valuable time.
  • On this application you can identify from which country or other locations incoming calls are coming.
  • You can search Near by places through this application easily friends.
  • Record incoming and out going calls very easily on this application
  • You able to do Video calls ,voice mails without any issues friends.




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Disadvantages Without This Application :

  • Friends, on Some Mobiles you Don’t have options to Record and  identifying spam calls settings .
  • so that you will lift all unknown calls and waste your valuable time at meetings,office,work,etc..
  • On Normal mobile there is no option  to use video call to your friends and family .
  • so you will feel disappointed with your mobile.
  • To avoid All these Problems Now simply Download this Application Use freely with any issue friends.



How To Download This Application :

  • To Download this Useful Application Now simply Open Your mobile and turn on mobile data or connect with Wi-Fi Friends.
  • Then After connected with internet now simply open your mobile Playstore friends.
  • On Playstore you can see search bar at top your mobile screen.
  • Now simply press on the search bar then your mobile keyboard will be opened friends.
  • Then Now type application name is Phone By Google.



Installation Procedure :

  • Then after typed application name Now simply click on enter button
  • Now mobile will loads some application in that you need find our amazing application in the logo of Dialer icon with blue colored background and developed by Google LLC.
  • Then finded out our application now simply click on the application.
  • There you can see Install Option ,simply click on the install option .



After Downloaded Permissions :

  • friends after clicked on install option Now wait few seconds to download this application on your mobile friends.
  • A few seconds later application will be successfully downloaded on your mobile friends.
  • There you can see Uninstall and Open options.
  • Now simply click on Open  only friends, then application will be opened .
  • Application will ask to set This Dialer As a Default so now you need set this as a default dialer without any problem friend’s.
  • Now click on set as default option at bottom of your screen friends.
  • In addition of given permission application will be successfully opened.



Setting In Application :

  • Friends you have more features on settings options on this application now simply click on three dot line at top right side of your mobile screen .
  • From three dots option on first setting.
  • You can check easily your call history that any of your in coming and outgoing calls history and Missed calls history etc.
  • Next, Now simply click on settings option friends.
  • At first setting you can identify caller id and spam caller id by turning on this setting.
  • From Caller Id Spam settings you can identify which incoming calls are coming to your mobile and it is useful at meetings, office, work, business time etc.
  • So You can identified and shown on your INCOMING CALLER SCREEN FRIENDS.



More Useful Settings Step By Step Explanation :

  • Now In General settings now click on accessibility from this setting you can use TTY Mode.
  • Then After another setting is assisted dialing from this setting you can apply country code automatically while receiving Unknown calls ,So that you lift call or reject call by this code at emergency time .
  • Now Another setting is Blocked numbers setting From this Setting you can Block any of your contacts and unknown numbers very easily for that this setting will useful.
  • Then After Another Setting is calling accounts from this setting you can set sim on which you want to call.



General Useful features :

Now Next Setting Is display options from thiols setting you can set name size first name and last name of contacts and you can set Themes and search easily contacts on your mobile very easily.

  • Now coming to next setting Nearby places from this setting you able to search nearby places like atm,shops,malls etc. very useful.
  • Then After This Setting Now enter in to Another Setting is Sounds And Vibration setting from this you can set  ringtones to your incomings call ,notification sounds, and vibration also.
  • Now next simply click on voice mail option from this you can easily send voice mails when your friends and family will not lifts your calls .




Emergency Very Useful Settings :

  • Friends Now Coming To Advanced settings there you can see two setting Caller Id Announcement and Flip To  Silence settings.
  • Now Click on Caller Id Announcement setting this setting useful when you on traffic, any markets,theatres,Shopping malls.
  • Because while turn on this setting automatically mobile will announce incoming caller and when any calls you the name will announced so that you can recognize the announcement and you can talk to you caller without any problem.
  • Now after this setting now simply click on flip to silence setting from this setting you can silent when incoming call comes.
  • Friends when your on Important work,Impotantant meeting, And on emergency situation then unknown incoming calls will fully irritates you .
  • So on that situation you can Just flip your mobile to surface then mobile will be automatically turns in to silent.





How To Use This Application :

  • Friends to use this application now simply dialer symbol at bottom right side from there you can dial and call any number .
  • You can put favorite contacts on favorite option at bottom left side of your mobile screen .
  • Thenafter You Can Check Recent incoming or outgoing from recent option at bottom of your screen.
  • Next you can call any one from contacts options will show all your mobile contacts on this contacts option at bottom right side of your mobile screen friends.
  • And Next you can search contacts by voice by clicking on voice icon at top of your mobile screen friends.
  • So that’s it friends enjoy all this useful settings and feature on this application freely .



Conclusion About This Application :

  • If any Issues and problems while using this application.
  • You Can ask freely in our comment section friends.
  • we will answer and solve your issue as soon as possible friends.
  • So, Don’t forget to subscribe our Channel and turn on bell icon to be notified.





How To Change Call Dialer In Any Mobile


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