How To Hide Gallery Photos Hide Videos In Any Mobile

          How To Hide Gallery Photos Videos In Any Mobile

Hello, friends welcome back to our channel with an interesting app this app will hide all your personal and secure photos, and videos and safely store them in this app without problems, You can safely secure your photos and videos without any issues friends, How To Hide Gallery Photos Videos In Any Mobile.



How To Hide Gallery Photos Videos In Any Mobile :

  • Friends this is available on the play store with 3plus ratings, 1 million plus downloads, and 51k plus good reviews.
  • Excellent app was developed by photo video vault security management and released on jul21 2017, they latest updated on sep4 2022.
  • This application size is only 11Mb friends.
  • Now application will easily work on the small device too friends.





Benefits Of This Hide Videos Application:

  • There are multiple benefits to using this application friends.
  • On your mobile, you can store photos,videos of your girlfriends, boyfriends, and friend’s photos and very carefully
  • For these photos and videos and you won’t give your mobile to others and they will be irritated with you and scolds why you’re not giving us mobile and you will feel so much tension.
  • By installing this application, tension free with anyone and you can give your mobile to anyone without any tension.
  • You can very easily any of your photos or videos with friends.
  • Then set this app with your password to unlock this app.
    Not only photos and videos you can hide files, audio, contacts, notes.



Disadvantages Without This Application :

  • There are many problems you will be faced by storing your images and videos in your mobile gallery.
  • If your parents can see your girlfriends or boyfriends, photos in your mobile gallery unfortunately these issues lead to many other problems.
  • Please download this application and use this app to store photos,videos without any problem friends.




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How To Download This Hide Videos Application :

  • Friends to download this excellent app now simply open your mobile and turn on mobile data.
  • Then  turning on your mobile data, now simply open your mobile play store friends.
  • Now opening the Playstore there at top of your mobile screen search bar will appear.
  • Now click on that search bar friends then your mobile keyboard will opened.



Installation Procedure Of Hide Videos :

  • On the keyboard now type the name Dialer vault hide photo video app friends.
  • In addition After typing this name now some apps will loaded.
  • In those you can search app logo with dialer symbol in green color and at the right side of logo with some pics.
  • After finding out about this app Now simply click on that app friends, and then click on the install option.
  • Now, wait a few seconds to install this application on your mobile .
  • Few seconds app will be successfully installed Guys.





After Downloaded Application Permissions:

  • Installing this app on your mobile now simply click the open option friends.
  • After clicking on the open option app will open with the interface of app tutorials
  • Now you have to simply click on the arrow mark at the bottom right side of your mobile screen friends.
  • Thenafter clicking on at last of the tutorial you have to permit to allow records, phone calls, contacts
  • Please click on allow permission friends.



Important Permissions To Accept :

  • This permission you need set security question friends, you can select any of those questions and answer that question friends.
  • Permission you need to create 4digit password friends, now simply click on that shown dialer symbol and set password friends.
  • IN addition typing your password now simply click on the green color dialer symbol friends.
  • There you can see the instruction of this app if you want you can read otherwise simply click on the ok option friends.





Settings In The Application :

  • In addition You can become a member if you like this app friends.
  • Now simply click on the setting button at the top right of your mobile screen
  • After clicking on that app settings there are many settings in this app friends.
  • Then You can lock the screen and in that, you can change the passcode and add fingerprint and add face lock to open this app.
  • This is a very important feature that no one can open this app with permission.
  • In addition another setting you can add a security question and you can change security questions also And another setting you can apply dark mode too this app also to look, for attractive.



More Different Settings On This Application :

  • In addition another feature is break-in alerts friends from this option you can change who has tried this app before to open on your mobile so that the app will notify you, friends.
  • Now Coming another setting is Fake Pin is used after the fake pin has set, you can enter a fake space. Hide Gallery
  • where you can upload files on entering this fake pin, entering the true passcode
  • If you enter the real private space, friends this fake pin option is enabled only when you can take membership
  • That’s the setting in this app friends now come back to the app home screen friends.





How To Use The Application :

  • Simple friends to use this app for hiding your personal photos or videos or other features.
  • Now simply click on the first MAIN option friends, there you can see plus button at the bottom right side of your mobile screen.
  • from this you can add all of your Images, videos, audios, and files.



Extra Features Of This Application :

  • For example, click on add image option and select your images and press on the right button that’s it image will added successfully, friends.
  • Then Like this you can select all you want to hide your images or videos or others.
  • Now you can create your own album by clicking the bottom right side of your mobile screen friends.
  • That’s it friends now you can happily hide all personal photos videos, files, and others can easily hide without any issues.





Finally Conclusion About This Application :

  • Guys Hope you all understand this useful application features.
  • If any problems while using this app, then you can freely ask in the comment section
  • we will reply to the comment and solve it as soon as possible friends.
  • So, please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, and hit the like button if you like this video, share this video if possible.





How To Hide Gallery Photos Videos In Any Mobile

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