call with our voice

How to make a call with our voice by simple trick

How to make a call with our voice by simple trick


Hi guys, to call anyone particularly we use the dialer pad and search in contacts list to make call but with commanding the name you can call easily without wasting time by this trick How to make a call with our voice by simple trick.



How to make a call with our voice by simple trick :

  • making call by voice is good method when we are in traffic, driving or at busy at work friends.
  • in some mobiles voice assistant or google voice dialing will not work properly.
  • for those this is the best solution and secondary option to make voice calls.
  • however for suppose to call one person firstly we need to unlock mobile then have to find the contact in dialer.
  • but numbers will cant find easily and in addition sim selection also asked.
  • to make over this procedure some time will consumes and wasted.
  • further without any wasting time, fastly make the calls with this trick.



call with our voice



benefits of this call with our voice app :

  • with out opening by just telling name if contact we could do call.
  • when you’re unable to open not having time to open phone then this voice calling makes easier.
  • it works quicker than other voice dialers, with in seconds calls will be connected friends.
  • in sunlight mobile screen not appears due to sun rays on mobile glass.
  • further we need to stop at any shadow to correct view.
  • but for calling in time or in any place just say the contact name to make call.
  • mostly in rainy season at outside phone screen will get wet and haves in water, at that situation just give voice to call.



installing method :

  • read out this upcoming paragraphs carefully because all main information will given in this only.
  • now connect the mobile with internet or with wifi guys.
  • then you’ll find the search box at top place give tap and enter Voice Call Dialer.
  • when you input name please leave it for loading it not take that much loading too.




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see this information after loading :

  • in blue color with dialer logo app appears friends.
  • Arstosto Lab is the founder of Voice Call Dialer application.
  • it crossed over 1 million plus downloaders with 4.2 ratings.
  • their to know app functionality check reviews from down they are around Nine Thousand Plus.
  • after checked out this info correctly touch install button.



using format of call with our voice application :

  • when you start app on first time contacts permission asked.
  • if you grant it then other permits will not display.
  • because only single permit is enough to this call with our voice app.



call with our voice



features in call with our voice application :

  • on main screen Recent Contacts and Frequent Contacts options will shown.
  • obvious in primary option you have all recently made calls list.
  • in other all phone, sim, mail each and every contact will shows in it guys.
  • so particularly on upper part speaker icon appears.
  • By tapping it google search engine will starts now tell any name you required.
  • then it search it in seconds and connects the call.



call with our voice settings :

  • on corner of top right settings icon we able to see guys.
  • so then tap it then their you could some featured settings.
  • for recognition in your language, might change the speech language into many countries.
  • for faster interaction and connection with contacts you need to tick Auto start box so app starts voice recognition when it opened.
  • through the app call automatically call default number, means after speech recognition automatically contacts default number.



call with our voice



conclusion about call with our voice :

  • so without wasting valuable time in busy works, and in driving or in any other wanted situations make calls by own voice.
  • best shortcut for connecting calls in this manner also.
  • share to your friends who dont about this trick or dont have this voice call facility in their mobiles.
  • learn every day new things and tricks on smartphones by our articles.
  • for more Fantastic topics please check out our more articles, that given in above sections once have a look on it.
  • finally thanks for reading our article we’ll gather with new one untill see you Bye friends.





How to make a call with our voice by simple trick


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