messages announcer

messages announcer setting in android mobiles

messages announcer setting in android mobiles


hello friends welcome tech in telugu channel in this article we show how to make the typing text as speech it helps in many ways to send like messages and chats messages announcer setting in android mobiles.



messages announcer setting in android mobiles :

  • if you want to run youtube channel or another content in social media without your voice then this texting and speaking method will help.
  • then it will something special voice will comes on typing words in it.
  • for suppose when you’re in some meeting or in work cant able to talk and reply to others in mobile.
  • just type in this app what about you wanted to get speech.
  • its impossible with our mobile settings and feature thats why we need to take help of one application.



messages announcer



benefits about this messages announcer application :

  • if you’re voice looks not good and something different to hear then this convertor will uses more friends.
  • addition than sixty plus languages involved in app so no problem to create speech in any language.
  • save those created audio in to Txt, Pdf, EPUB and separately form a audio book for recorded voices.
  • fantastic tool and flawlessly convert any text into High Quality speech with impressive voice guys.
  • with in fraction of seconds the written content will converted as audio.



installing procedure :

  • On every phone particularly in android devices playstore will haves.
  • in that on top place searching tool appears touch it.
  • additionally keyboard opens on screen, then we need to type Text To Speech (TTS) and look for it.
  • at the fourth position app appears on other screen.
  • of course we have to tap on it to move forward.




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before clicking install button check this info :

  • to confirming app check the developer name which able to see in below title STCodes App.
  • 4.6 is the ratings have on the app, out of 5 its amazing.
  • fourteen thousand people have reviewed and maximum written its excellent as well as helpful.
  • unexcepted storage will consumes in our mobile, only 3.2 Mb and less data too.
  • 10L+ plus users installed and creating their own content through messages announcer application.
  • after seeing this basic information go head with install button friends.



any permissions require after installing :

  • while starting app with open button, the introduction banner displays.
  • we should press exit icon from top right side.
  • then some of the tutorials interact, simply touch skip tutorial.
  • finally home interface comes on your screen with different options.



messages announcer



using process of messages announcer application :

  • by default english language is selected but if you gonna want change it then go head guys.
  • for that press the beside arrow on upper side and choose yours convenient language and reback.
  • so its time to text our content in down of language, in empty blank bracket.
  • just go head with typing yourself, after typing to listen it click Speaker Icon from bottom middle.
  • on first time touch speedly audio hears, but we need to adjust audio with control audio option.
  • swipe to increase or decrease the pitch, speed, and volume of text.
  • if your like the way of audio then to store it click save button from below.



messages announcer conclusion :

  • if your working on big project content then choose audio book option.
  • then paste or write the text in it that may be in unlimited pages easily the audio will be created.
  • so we will meet you on another topic with new tricks and tips.
  • please do support by liking article and comment below, how was the trick & share your opinion with us by commenting guys.





messages announcer

messages announcer setting in android mobiles


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