how to change background notification bar free

how to change background notification bar free

Hallo friends welcome to Tech in telugu website. here we are going to learn about a how to change background notification bar free


how to change background notification bar free :

  • Friends have you ever noticed on your mobile phone and show you what you do on your mobile notification channel.
  • However, it may be on everyone’s mobile, and we may be data in it, and the flight mode is the same in all mobiles.
  • But if you want to make the color of the icon you see on the notification channel as well as the color in the background you may not know who you are.
  • You can also make your photo or your girlfriend photo or a photo setting on your notification channel if you want.


We need any application :

  • But as friends, you have to download a small application for this you need to download this application and open up the applications if you are open to some permits.
  • After giving the permit, you will start working on you, if you want to set up a notification bar on your mobile, you can make the setting as you like.
  • Friends Now you don’t have to download the application to download the application from where to download and download what you need to go after downloading.
  • his is because all the details of this application have been given to you underneath you as well as the link of this application I gave you underneath.




How to download the application :

  • Friends Open your Android Mobile Play Store to download the application in the photo above.
  • After open the Play Store on your Android mobile, you will look like a search bar on top.
  • Type in that search bar called metirial notification shade. The application will be open in the photo above you immediately.
  • This application is only 2 MB, which means a very small application. And if you see Kanaka’s rating of this application, it is up to 3.9, which is also a very good rating friend.
  • There are also 1m+ downloads if you look after the downloads of this application. The Last Update of this application was done on the day of Feb 2019.



How to install  the application :

  • Under Friends Application it looks like Install. Press on that install. Application will start downloading immediately.
  • Application will be installed for you after the application is exhausted. Stay up to Installation Oops.
  • Once the installation is exhausted, the application will scanning your mobile once. Wait until scanning oops.
  • After the scanning itself is exhausted, you will look like Done. Press on that done.
    Now you appear to be open under Application. The application will be automatically open when pressing on Open.





Settings in the application :

Friends You will download this application and open the application with a little loading and then you will see all the options that appear below you
MNS Settings
1. Themes
– Panel Theme
Choose your notification panel style
– Notification theme
Choose your notifications style



2. Colors
– Shade Background color
– Shade Foreground color (icons)
– Brightness slider color
– Notifications background color
– Color to be used for notification
background (on Colored theme only).
-Notifications accent color
Color to be used for notification text.
– Enable transparency
Subtle transparency on the header.
Transparency amount
Reset all colors to default



3. Layout
-Grid Columns
Sets the number of columns
– Grid Rows
Sets the number of rows
– Number of header tiles
Sets the number of tiles that you see on your first swipe Max grouped children Maximum allowed notifications in a group (default of 8)
– Brightness slider at the bottom
– Brightness slider thumb
If this is disabled the slider will have a circular thumb



4. Others
– Custom background image
– Choose Profile Picture
– Auto expand notifications
– Custom carrier name
– Input a custom text to be displayed in place of the carrier name. Leave empty for default.
– Enable rounded corners
Remove on lockscreen
Remove in fullscreen
– Useful if it creates issues in full screen apps
– Hide notification content on lock.
Show cross on data tile
Indicate the off state with an X symbol
– Use Google Sans font Needs app restart to take effect
Settings theme అని చూపిస్తుంది.

ఇప్పుడు మీరు ఇందులో పెద్దగా చేయవలసింది ఏమి లేదు వీటన్నింటి కంటే ముందు మీరు కొన్ని పర్మిషన్ తీసుకోవలసి ఉంటుంది.




Count Things In Single Tap From Any Photos

Get Theft Alarm And Alarm On Full Battery

Hide Last Seen And Profile Picture In WhatsApp

Find Out Who Unlocked Your Mobile Recently

Control All Settings From Edge Works In Any Device



Give some permissions :

  • Call the off button on top of you to give you a permit three after three permits will appear after you
    Please enable the following permissions to allow the app to work correct
    1. Write
    2. Drawing
    3. Notifications appear below you after clicking the permit for these three
    Press on a button called Done.



Set your photo in notification bar :

  • Now all the options I have shown to you will appear in which you can make changes to your notification issuance.
  • You don’t even have to work hard for it.
  • If you care about it, you will be shocked if you look at your mobile notification changes, all of your friends will be shocked.
  • Asked how the photo was set in the notification bar.





App info :
Version : 12.28
Updated on : 3 Feb 2019
Downloads : 1,000,000+ downloads
In-app purchases : 60.00 71,150.00 per item
Offered by : Treydev Inc
Released on : 16 Sep 2017
APP permissions :
1. Camera :
take pictures and videos
2. Location :
access approximate location (network- based)
3. Telephone :
read phone status and identity
4. Storage :
modify or delete the contents of your 5. SD card :
read the contents of your SD card
6. Other :
Draw over other apps
Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi



Finally :

  • This is what friends think you have learned the installation and usage of this application. If you ask your Friends Compulsory Suggest.
  • If you like this little application this little application, you can download this application once and try.
  • Your Friends Shocked Compulsory. If you like this small application, share with your Friends. Thank You For Reading Friends Take Care Bye ………




how to change background notification bar free

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