How To Set Charging Alarm After Full Charged

How To Set Charging Alarm After Full Charged


Hello Friends Welcome To Our Channel Today In this Article We will Explain About Mobile Charging When We put Mobile on charging so we dont know When the mobile will charged full, it happens most in Night We Put charging and Sleep With out Turning Off Charging ,So later You will face Lots Of Problems In Mobile charging, How To Set Charging Alarm After Full Charged.



How To Set Charging Alarm After Full Charged :

  • Friends To Stop Over Charging O Your mobile Then Follow Our small Step and You have to Download Small application.
  • This Application Was Developed by Appeteria  And They Launched On July 9,2023.
  • They latest Updated the application With More Feature’s And Released On January 15, 2022.
  • You Able To use Without any Payment or Subscriptions ,and Don’t Need to Take any Purchase.





Application Introduction :

  • There Are 5 Million Plus Downloaded and Using application without Problem.
  • You have To Download for Only Using 4.9 Mb Mobile Data its very Less.
  • Guys You can Read Application Reviews Over  43K Plus and Application is Rated with 4.1 plus ratings.



Benefits Of This Application :

  • You can Mainly Have a Benefit is Save Power without Over charging.
  • On this app check battery status ,health and temperature while charging.
  • Guy’s when put Mobile Charging Then You left from the place so that Mobile Will 100% percent Charged Successfully.
  • To Remove Mobile after charged then You have to See the phone at a times ,Without Seeing mobile now turn off automatically with help of this app.
  • By Using this Charged alarm you will save power ,and Solve battery Issues .
  • This app setting will Turn On And Rings the mobile automatically when fully charged ,So you can Remove Immediately.




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Disadvantages Without This Application :

  • Guys In Old mobiles They not have setting for over charging Disable feature.
  • But Newly launched Mobiles all There the feature to Stop Over charging.
  • So This Application is More useful To Old Mobile Users There will Keep Mobile at charging and Go Some where .
  • On that Time Mobile Will Changed full And Over heat the battery So Mobile will Loose battery faster.
  • Performance also Decreased by mobile Due TO Over charging and Power Will Too Increased while on Overcharging.



How To Download This Application :

  • To Install application Guys On Your mobile Turn on Data or Connect with WIFI For internet.
  • After Connected With Internet Now Open Playstore Application that you Download any apps from here.
  • Thenafter Opening Playstore You Have an Search bar at Top Of screen, So Click the search bar to Open Keyboard.
  • In addition Keyboard has Opened the Type Application Name Is Battery 100% Alarm and tap On Enter button To Load.





Installing Procedure Of Application :

  • So Guys Playstore will load some Similar apps as our app now we Have to find Our Small application In the Profile Look of Battery Icon with 100% Text and also with Bell icon Symbol.
  • To Find more Easily simply Check Developed by Appeteria, now You can Find Fastly.
  • Thenafter Identified the app ,So Tap on it then you may see Install Option.
  • Finally Guys Click on Install and wait seconds to Download if your net is speed then it download fastly.



After Downloaded Permissions :

  • Some Little Bit Time after application will Downloaded On mobile, when Downloading Completed you may see two Options.
  • They are Uninstall And Open Options ,Guys You need To Click only On Open Button ,Dont Click on Uninstall.
  • If You Click On Uninstall You Will Know Application Will Deleted So Click only on Open.





Allow This Permissions :

  • Application Firstly Ask To Select Language so Select any of your Language, then App Tutorials Will appeared Simply Tap on Next option at Bottom Left Side Oft the screen.
  • Tap 3 Times on It to Get Start Option finally So Press On the Start, Then Pop up will asks to allow Storage Permission .Click on Ok And Allow Guys.
  • Friends If Any more Permissions Required we will explain Them Very Perfectly on Later that Time.



How To Use This Application :

  • Finally app Homescreen will Opens after the Permissions, So allow all the Permission WithOut missing Friends.
  • Now on Home screen You can See Battery Level and Volts ,Temperature, Battery Type at Upwards.
  • So can Known Your Battery Status Perfectly From here Guys.
  • To Use App Simply Turn On Alarm icon Button Every time When You Put Charging.
  • If This Alarm Icon Is Turned when charged then Mobile will Notify you when battery Charged 100%.
  • So Dont Forget To turn On this alarm Button Friends.





Which settings Are In This Application :

  • Guys Settings Icon Appear At Bottom Right Side Of your Screen, So Tap on it you have Lots Of settings on this.
  • Click on First Option tone and Select any of your Ringtones Alarm That Comes When Battery Fully Charged.
  • Now Second  Setting Volume ,Change If You need Low or High Sound When Fully Charged Battery.
  • Then Coming To 3 Setting Repeat this setting Will Repeat alarm when Battery charged again and Again So that you here where you go.



More Settings Very Useful :

  • Click on 4th Setting is Snooze Has you know By this Setting you can Snooze alarm Up to  5mins easily by Applying any one them.
  • After This Then entering to Fifth Setting IS Screen Status this Uses to on Screen later Alarm Completed or you can Off also.
  • Now 6th Setting is Delay this Option used to Stop some Time alarm and alert Will Delayed upto 15 minutes .
  • Silent mode This setting is already known to you and Vibrate Mode too.
  • In addition Step to 9th Setting Is Notify level if you want to Notify At another battery percent then Then You can Use this setting .
  • Swipe The Notify Icon and Click on Done Option to Set, Finally Last setting is No alarm On Call.
  • This Setting Is for Decline alarm When Your talking In Mobile even If Your Mobile Charged 100%.





Conclusion About This Application :

  • So Guy’s Like This Application Will Works Easily On Any Mobile IF You like this article then Share With Others.
  • Share this Useful Application With Your Friends and Others You Friends Will also Prevent there mobiles Without Overcharging .
  • If Any Issues When Your Using this application Then Let me Know Simply Comments In Our Comment Section.
  • We will Solve Your Issues ,So Dont For get To Subscribe Our Channel and Hit Bell Icon Button.





How To Set Charging Alarm After Full Charged


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