make a call with private number free

make a call with private number free


Hallo friends welcome to Tech in telugu website in this article we are going to learn about make a call with private number free

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make a call with private number free :

  • Friends, now everyone has a phone. If we see in a day, if we are doing a lot of different things for our friends or girlfriend or boyfriend in your house, they are doing this from a variety of mobile phones.
  • In this blog we will learn about how to make a call without the appearance of our number of friends.
  • This means that no matter who you call your girlfriend or your boyfriend or your family, from now on your number will only look like a private number, just like a number to see.
  • What you don’t even have to do is download a small application which means you can learn about it on this blog if you can make such a call.

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We need any application :

  • Friends If you also want to call someone in your house, either your friends or your girlfriend or boyfriend without your number appearing, you need to use a small application for that.
    Only through this application you will be able to call anyone for free like this Now I am chatting what application you need to download this application and set in it.
    However you also need to find out where we can call anything for free because I have given you all the details related to the application in this blog below.
    You can learn from there and learn how to use the application as well as you can download the application and make your mobile settings Download the application you see without wasting.





How to download the application :

  • Friends, open your android mobile play store to download the application shown in the photo above.
  • The Play Store application will appear on your Android mobile Open it Now you will see a search bar in this application.
  • In the search bar, type TALK U PHONE NUMBER FOR FREE CALLING & TEXTING. You will immediately see the application shown in the photo above open.
  • This application is only 33 MB which means it is a very small application. Also the rating of this application is up to 4.5 if you look at kanaka which also means very good rating friends.
  • Downloads of this application so there are also 10M + downloads to look out for Friends. The last update of this application was made on 20 jan 2020.

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How to install the application :

  • Under the Friends application you will see install. Click on that install. You will start application downloading immediately.
  • Once the application download is complete you will have the application INSTALLATION. Wait until the installation is done.
  • Once the installation is complete, the application will scan your entire mobile once. Scanning Wait until the scanning is done and you will see DONE below. Press on that done.
  • Now you see that the application is open. The application will open automatically when you press on open.





Once you are download the application :

  • Friends The application will ask you for two or three permissions after you download and open the application.
  • Give permission to all your friends You can use the application only if you are a pharmacist of all kinds. Friends Now you need to sign up in advance in this application.
  • For that, this small task option appears. Press on it and give your mobile number.
    However the applications will use the automatic mobile number and you can use the application after logging in to the application automatically.






This application works on base credits :

  • Friends, this application will give you credit, which means that if you ever want to call someone without your number appearing, you’ll need to put some in here so you can get what you want in the application.
  • Now that we have learned the whole video of how we should build using credit we will do you 10 credits.
  • If you do not even make a call using these 10 entries then what you need to do to increase your credit is you will see an option called Yours.
  • Pressing on it will show you how many theaters you have in this application as well as how you can increase the number below you can see and increase in this application.



If you are download the application :

  • Friends If you want to call someone after you have increased a few credits you will see a call button at the bottom of this application.
  • As soon as you press on it you will get a direct open and press on it and type in the number you want to call and there you will also have to select the country code.
  • Once selected, you will be able to call automatically from anywhere, but now they can see whatever your number is.
  • The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but you’re able to call anyone in the app without your number appearing.





App info :
Version : 4.16.1
Updated on : 20 Jan 2020
Downloads : 10,000,000+ downloads
Download size : 32.56 MB
In-app purchases : 7160.00-74,100.00 per item
offered by : TalkU International Inc.
Released on : 18 Nov 2014
App permissions :
Camera :
take pictures and videos
Contacts :
read your contacts find accounts on the device modify your contacts
Location :
access approximate location network-based) access precise location (GPS and
Microphone :
record audio
Telephone :
directly call phone numbers read phone status and identity

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Finally :

  • I think you have learned the installation and usage of the Friends application. If your friends ask, do compulsory suggest.
  • I think you like this application. If you like it, be sure to download this application once and give it a try.
  • It’s compulsory for your friends to be shocked if they see your friends while using this application.
  • Single friends This is a small application so if you like it please share it with your friends. Thank you for reading friends take care bye bye ……….




make a call with private number free


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