Fake screen

How to set Fake screen on mobile with this settings

How to set Fake screen on mobile with this settings


Hello friends so todays topic is how to make our mobile screen as fake manner means it nothing will appears on screen your personal data & photos, videos in gallery by doing this settings on your phone, no one see your data without permission How to set Fake screen on mobile with this settings.



How to set Fake screen on mobile with this settings :

  • Usually in mobile you might save all the information, data, videos, mp4s, pictures everything as much you can.
  • particularly now upcoming mobiles have the locking systems, hiding options etc.
  • rather in some older devices there we dont have anything else to keep our privacy friends.
  • further our data will leaked to others within seconds.
  • to secure the gallery or what ever app on mobile do install this below providing application to save data from others.



Fake screen



Benefits from application :

  • to give phone to anyone we can think twice before giving them.
  • we particularly recap that our personal data, important secret files, documents will be appear to others.
  • in shortcut way we site pan card, adhaar, voter and other memo’s etc lot will have in gallery’s.
  • if others see this info they make an issues something more with that data.
  • this app completely save you from this kind of problems through applying fake screen message on mobile page.



installation procedure of Fake screen app :

  • So its the final step to come across to download.
  • Lets move out playstore programme guys.
  • on top layer search section, which usually for finding new apps along with name.
  • Exactly you should touch that part & type the Invisiblock.
  • it can be loaded immediately with different icon in Blue, Black, Sky-blue.
  • From Cometstack application this developed & launched on 2015- September- 2023.
  • it is from 1.1.5 version and  recently updated on 17-aug- 2017.




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After installation what is next procedure : 

  • Draw gesture will asks in starting only, then do write the gesture similar like pen.
  • then shape of that drawn icon may appear on screen.
  • touch on right tick below, then set a pin so that you could recover locked apps.
  • when in case you forget your secret gesture.
  • do enter PIN two times for confirmation, then lastly you get Invisiblock needs to access usage data phone function properly permit.
  • Accept that permission from the mobile settings guys.



Using format of Fake screen application :

  • finally all the programmes which currently running in mobile might be shown right here on your screen.
  • the applications such as amazon, games, flipkart, gallery, and every category apps displayed front of us.
  • those are preinstalled in mobile nor default system programmes appear.
  • So now you could lock any app to set fake screen on it.
  • for suppose i choose Amazon shopping to lock, lets move to that exact app which locked Ofcourse it cant be opened.



Fake screen



Fake screen Settings :

  • on upper part settings logo rendered please do click on it guys.
  • from their over you might change secret gesture.
  • furtherly edit the main security features from settings section.
  • in addition replace recovery pin which you remember forever.
  • to maintain this locking system without knowing to anyone.
  • do hide invisiblock icon tick this option box, Fake screen.



Final conclusion about Fake screen :

  • So from today onwards no one can open gallery photoages and other important apps with out your guidance.
  • its size also very less so fastly go head & download with our given link.
  • we have written many articles basing on mobile tricks & tips.
  • All are free to read carry on seeing our articles and know daily new tricks on smartphone friends.
  • once try this marvelous application and share your experiences in our comment section we’ll be happy.





Fake screen

How to set Fake screen on mobile with this settings

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