Whatsapp new updates

Whatsapp new updates 2023 must know this features

Whatsapp new updates 2023 must know this features


So hello guys welcome back to Tech In Telugu channel, this is complete new type of article with the help this learn new updates in whatsapp as well new features working method, latest useful tools for whatsapp etc.. if you’re a whatsapp user then must & should know this Whatsapp new updates 2023 must know this features.



Whatsapp new updates 2023 must know this features :

  • guys who do have an smartphone so in their apps list whatsapp messenger comes in top 5.
  • because it is most important programme to chat with others, such as with lover, girlfriend or boy friend, collegues, family, everyone will use whatsapp even olders too who are mostly educated.
  • this is how the whatsapp become superb popular in people, no single smartphone will appears without whatsapp messenger.
  • on the basis of it we are going to reveal the new settings and easy tools which useful in whatsapp.
  • the tools might uses at anywhere and in any situation if you’re whatsapp lover.



Whatsapp new updates



benefits of this application :

  • commonly their you won’t have One or Two benefits overally we find more than 14 tools and each of them are very interesting & uses.
  • which our normal whatsapp not done’s for suppose saving story’s, status etc .. they will possible with app tool.
  • to type a single word in repeated time or enter same sentence or chat in multiple times, the feature from app will usable.
  • find the awesome attitude, funny, best, clever, motivation, savage, etc,, about section captions in from Application.
  • we briefly explain entire process and other free options advantages in other para’s so must read article completely.



from where we have to install this application :

  • So all android devices might contain the playstore.
  • which can be usable to download unknown games, software apps, and other.
  • you should have to open it right now then touch search button.
  • then on screen below keyboard format, lets do type Ishan Tools – Status Saver & C, place correct name with proper spelling.
  • in other way you can copy the above app title and paste on your playstore window friends.




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before installation check this :

  • from ISHAN GURU the app was developed.
  • more over it have addition than 4.1 ratings which is great comparatively.
  • dont bother about the size its been takes only 8.9 mb of storage on our mobile.
  • 4 thousand people who support & love app features are commented about it.
  • from starting to current more than 1 lakh people have downloaded.
  • particularly if you got this info right & satisfied with it then press install.



which permits we need to accept :

  • while entering to app you’ll get the screen with pop-up along with take pictures & record video permission.
  • Do accept next coming access photos, media, files permissions etc.
  • on last step ishan tools for whatsapp page will comes front of you.
  • Press out get started blue button with, it gonna moves you to other step their you should touch button to turn on.



Whatsapp new updates



Whatsapp new updates app using process :

  • the layout of all amazing pictures might appear on new screen.
  • lets talk all features functioning how does they work.
  • starting with whatsapp scan this makes to connect the whatsapp account to web browser so in browser you can get whatsapp.
  • to use the walk & chat then particularly allow additional permit.



More wonderful features in Whatsapp new updates :

  • probably walk & chat feature might play role as background activity chatter, because while chatting camera runs in behind you.
  • using this marvelous feature see what is going on your friends location, and others people back side live Photage.
  • obviously you might know working progress of whatsapp status saver.
  • with unsaved number feature chat with any number without saving their number in mobile contacts guys.



Whatsapp new updates



fake chat maker in Whatsapp new updates :

  • by using fake chat feature, you able to create hero or heroine and other persons chat with out any number.
  • suppose to prank on friends, make chatting with celebrates, or with your crush & with unknown girls etc..
  • to make that fake chat in Whatsapp new updates its given, move with that option..
  • touch bottom right icon, then fill profile details, and compulsorily add Display Picture( DP) for realistic chat.
  • next set seen status whether online or typing, & status.
  • after filling click save button, thats it your fake chat creation will saved on chat list.



Additional superb features in Whatsapp new updates :

  • jumping to other facility it is whatsapp cleaner it cleans all the caches, junk files, trash from whatsapp messenger as well as on tools app.
  • in different character ways faces were available in Ascii Faces.
  • text repeater is works when you types something on repeat text bracket.
  • then place of number of repeating times same one limit.
  • so thats it text might loaded within seconds, just do copy with given below options and paste anywhere you wanted.





Whatsapp new updates Conclusion :

  • thats how the Whatsapp new updates application works and told all features functioning as well.
  • we hope you loved Atleast one feature from app.
  • To download it on your device we have provided link in get over there.
  • Finally friends dont go with out following our content because you get worthable & genuine useful applications, tips and tricks Etc..





Whatsapp new updates 2023 must know this features

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