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How to set ios dialer in android device

How to set ios dialer in android device


Hello friends welcome back to our channel tech in telugu, lets make our android normal dialer as a iphone Dialpad by doing this little settings in your mobile How to set ios dialer in android device.



How to set ios dialer in android device :

  • usually all android users may assume & have a dream to buy an iphone.
  • because it is very faster, camera quality is superb, and many settings, apps viewing, themes, everything looks very great.
  • comparing to android mobile iphone appearance layout features are one step more than normal devices.
  • but mainly most people cant effort it because its cost is too high.
  • thats why to apply the iphone settings in android like call dialer, backgrounds, etc.. with application.
  • therefore it gives satisfaction of iphone feel, with the Dialpad view guys.



ios dialer



benefits of ios dialer :

  • overally total interface which having now in android version will completely goes out.
  • iphone original Dialpad will appears from now onwards.
  • then entire looking will changes similar has Ios no one believes that it coming in android device.
  • so from right now incoming & outgoing screen might changes entirely.
  • merge calls, like a iphone feature and apply answer style same as ios.
  • additionally app contains the call announcer, flash blinking on call features on receiving calls.



lets install this fantastic application :

  • Now go to playstore which regularly haves in google folders.
  • later entering it just input this name iCallScreen – iOS Phone Dialer.
  • see whether it is from ZipoApps, and has size in 16 Mb.
  • more than 1Cr+ people downloaded before and additionally day by day installations are increasing too.
  • according to facilities of application day by day followers means 2 lakh users have commented as very good.




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after installing next procedure :

  • some iphone banners, customization options may display on starting.
  • swipe them twice & grant permission and start app.
  • make default dialer, contact permission etc.. allow all permits.
  • furtherly click lets do it, and allow set default.
  • then boom you could see the iphone interface friends.



how to use ios dialer application :

  • obviously all the dialer layout, appearance everything gonna seem to be very well as iphone guys.
  • keypad, contacts, recents, favorites and settings everything are similar to see as ios looking completely shown.
  • you must wondered with this amazing iphone experience.



ios dialer



settings in ios dialer :

  • right side total down corner, settings option can be shown.
  • do press on it then general, managing, wallpapers, call button styles.
  • call blocker, ringtone, announcer, flash on call, fake call, modes settings appear.
  • so set sim preferences for calling accounts change from first setting.
  • to make call faster & add wanted numbers in speed dial for quick and emergency.
  • Apply such a wonderful wallpaper & video on phone through ios dialer app.



superb settings in ios dialer :

  • to replace the call button animation on incoming call, then choose change call button setting friends.
  • whether you dont like sliding method to answer call change to other setup simply.
  • next setting will blocks unknown, suspicious, spam numbers immediately& stop disturbance of fake calls with blocker setting.
  • go to that option & add contacts manually or import from contacts to block.
  • to know who is calling to your phone then set the call announcer, it shout outs the caller name with number.
  • Make fake calls with the help of ios dialer, that calls will helps some time.



ios dialer



ios dialer conclusion :

  • in single application you get many lot of benefits friends.
  • for every iphone lover this app will defienetly satisfies your heart.
  • with out single rupee of investing , in android you could use iphone dialer with multiple features.
  • so overally enjoy with this fantastic dial pad guys.
  • finally we will back soon with other useful applications, tips. tricks etc.. bye.





How to set ios dialer in android device

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