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How to capture photo of who touched our mobile

How to capture photo of who touched our mobile


so hello guys welcome back to tech in telugu channel, ausual today also we are bringed the next level trick which gonna show the intruders photos means we can capture who touched our mobile when we put it some where, this new feature will takes picture of them & save’s in our gallery, so obviously we could find who touched our phone How to capture photo of who touched our mobile.



How to capture photo of who touched our mobile :

  • commonly in this days every one will using smartphones.
  • further we store our personal pictures, videos, & files, data , documents etc in phone because we trust that no one will touch our device.
  • but some times this happens that we forget phone some where in office, or work unfortunately guys.
  • then mostly collegues or other people can have a chance to unlock your device & may collect your secret data.
  • after this issue finishes we dont know who is taken our mobile, his face etc.
  • to overcome this problems this app surely solves it because it captures unknown people picture even just touched and tried to unlock.



capture photo



benefits of capture photo application :

  • particularly it helps very much & as well as works similarly as a secret agent friends.
  • it is mostly important and compulsorily having application in every android phone users for catching who touched device.
  • 24/7 this runs continuously in mobile to capture unique persons whether finded to unlock your cell-phone.
  • additionally dont bother about battery draining issue because it optimize in background & save battery as much it can.
  • everything on capturing picture or intruders all details such as at what time they tried, date, today or yesterday all details scheduled to us.



lets install this interesting application :

  • so before going to tell direct name of app, we might explain some main points on application friends.
  • because they can help you to recognize app very faster.
  • this programme is offered by the great Master Apps Solution software management and developed too.
  • commonly every app contains of different ratings out of 5 star, they get from the audience who loved and experienced more features etc..
  • so discussing about our one it has presently 4.0 star ratings which not bad.
  • its not joke that there are more than 1L+ people downloaded & observing by capture photo who touched their mobile.




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real application name of capture photo :

  • go through playstore for installing this fantastic application.
  • touch the finding filled over their & Start entering the Hidden Intruder Selfie- Who t, then tap right tick for loading.
  • without any delay of time its gonna displayed on screen.
  • the logo similarly appears with cap, spectacles, and shoulders as a professional detector friends.
  • after find all above details correctly touch the install, which majorly shown in blue background colored option.



Installation later next procedure :

  • the interface will looks unique to see, with logo and welcome.
  • it represents that same that we are discussed above.
  • lets move on with next, then permissions might asks.
  • so touch grant permission, and allow record, take pictures for capture photo of intruder and others.
  • next give access for media files, photos access for storing pics in gallery.
  • lastly tick out the box that i Understand, and Go head with Grant Device.
  • it is most important permit, so never miss it to activate this device admin app.



capture photo



how to use capture photo application :

  • finally permissions successfully granted page comes, along with which are given permits such as, camera, storage, device administrator.
  • go with finish option, thats all the blank home appearance will shown.
  • because now we are new to here & that to not tried to lock and make mistake to unlock device.
  • furtherly if other tried to unlock with wrong attempt then our intruder capture photo.
  • thats it we can check out and catch them easily with pic guys.



Settings in capture photo :

  • we could find settings from three lines at top left corner.
  • in common section entire settings available.
  • so with detection behavior option, you might take a selfie every time whenever phone unlock.
  • or else take picture while someone fail to unlock your phone.
  • additionally set number of wrong attempt after a selfie will be taken.
  • for backup apply many capture photo taken for detection of selfie guys.



capture photo



Final conclusion about capture photo :

  • Almost we covered all topics which available in app.
  • follow our guidance and know who are trying to unlock your mobile.
  • every capture photo will saved in app, as well as gallery also.
  • like this programme works on your mobile guys.
  • soonly we get back along with new article untill stay tuned with us bye.





How to capture photo of who touched our mobile

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