how to increase my mobile camera quality

how to increase my mobile camera quality


Hello friends welcome to techintelugu website friends in this article we are going to learn about how to increase my mobile camera quality in telugu



how to increase my mobile camera quality in telugu :

  • Friends are sure to have an Android mobile in the middle of nowhere.
  • In the old days it was either under a year or under six months but if someone had taken it then how many megapixel cameras were there in those mobiles though.
  • That is why now we have to take a photo of any of such mobiles.
  • Also, if your friends have good mobiles, they will take a photo of them and show it to you.

We need any application :

  • Friends, in this blog we will learn in detail how you can change the old camera in your mobile phone to a good camera even if you do not have a good camera in your mobile.
  • For that we need to use a good camera application. Can we use that camera application to take photos in HD quality?
  • If you are not a friend, you need to use this small application just for you.
    Because all the details related to the application will be given below in this blog you can learn to get up and read from there.
  • There is also a link to the application at the end of this blog. You can also download it from there. Friends, if you do not want to waste time, immediately download the application shown in the photo below.





How to download the application :

  • Friends, if you also want to download and use this small camera application on your mobile,
  • For that simply open the Play Store application on your mobile and after opening it type PICNIC PHOTO FILTER FOR DARK SKYTRAVEL APPS which means you will see this application.
  • At the bottom of the application you will see a button that says Install and if you press on it the application will be automatically downloaded to the mobile.
  • You can easily open and use this application Friends This application has been downloaded by many people so far.
  • If we look at the rating of this application too, it means that the application has a very good rating.
  • If the camera of this application takes a photo that we use, we will also get good quality photos.



After download the application :

  • Friends The first time you download and open an application, the application takes a little loading to open.
  • This application asks you for two or three types of permission, all of which you have to give if you give permission.
  • What this application asks for permission is that when we take any photo using this application those photos have to go into our gallery so it asks for permission related to it.
  • They will go into our mobile gallery even if you take this photo using this camera as you have given that permission..





Give some permissions :

  • Friends Once you have given permission for this application the main internet related to this application will now be open.
  • If you look at this we will see a camera option as well as a gallery option.
    Here you click on the camera option and we will go to the gallery if any photo is taken.
  • Friends What is the important benefit of this application is that even if the lighting around us is low, this application will automatically set the same lighting on its own.
  • The word is that if you put the photos taken in the low voting will come out very well.




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use the application :

  • Friends are taking photos with your mobile camera if you have an old mobile.
  • So if it does not seem to be coming to you with good clarity fellow then download and try this application once.
  • No matter what you get from this application, be sure to share it with your friends as it will also give you a chance to take a good photo while using this application.
  • If this is a link to the application I want to see this blog then download and try it immediately.





App info :
Version :
Updated on : 21 Oct 2019
Downloads : 10,000,000+ downloads
Download size : 71.44 MB
Offered by : ESTsoft Corp.
Released on : 25 Jul 2017




how to increase my mobile camera qality in telugu





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