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How to lock any chat message on whatsapp

How to lock any chat message on whatsapp Download Application


hi friends here we are going to learn about How to lock any chat message on whatsapp download application


How to lock any chat message on whatsapp download application :

  • Friends are now Android Mobile but Compulsory.
  • When doing WhatsApp, we are doing a message in a day if we have a fellow message in one day.
  • And if we share some photos through WhatsApp, we have no trouble in our word.
  • Friends are chatting with your girlfriend with your girlfriend or anything else with Mary Boyfriend download application.
  • But if your mobile password is known to someone else, when your mobile ones take your WhatsApp and read the message.
  • In addition, let’s learn about what you like in your WhatsApp.



We need any download application :

  • Friends you also need to download a small application for it when you want to lock it up on your mobile on WhatsApp.
  • Using that application, you need to download the application where you can do it.
  • After downloading, you do not need to look for what setting in it.
    You can download it from there on this blog download application.
  • Immediately download the application in the photo below you without wasting Friendship Day time.





How to download the application :

  • Friends If you want to download the application in the photo above you open the Play Store application on your mobile.
  • Once you open, you have a button on top of it. This application will be open to you.
  • A button will be installed on you under the application and you can download the application into mobile download application.
  • Wait as long as you install the application after downloading.
  • This application has so far been downloaded and you can download and use it.
  • Also, we are talking about the rating of this application but there is a very good rating.




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After download the application :

  • You can download this application for the first time and then the application tells you to make a password setting.
  • After set you you need to enter the same password to confirm the password you gave again download application.
  • If you ask for this application, this application will be given to you after entering your mobile.
  • The main interface for the application is open but a place button will appear if you see below in this application.
  • Did you try that the place is that it will take you to WhatsApp again?





How to use the download application :

  • You will have to select the chat from here and how to make any chat.
  • Whenever you go into WhatsApp and open the chat, you will be asking you a password set in this application.
  • If you enter the password, that chat is open to us so how to cut any chat night on your WhatsApp download application .
  • If you like the application to keep you secure, you will be able to download the link of the application immediately and try it to you immediately after selecting.



App info download application :
Version :
Updated on : 6 Oct 2020
Downloads : 1,000,000+ downloads
Download size : 8.06 MB
Released on : 28 Sep 2017




How to lock any chat message on whatsapp


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