Repair Hardware

Best App To Repair Hardware In Any Android Devices

Best App To Repair Hardware In Any Android Devices


Hello Guys Welcome back to Our channel Tech in telugu , So we will Learn How To repair Ourself Hardware Problems in Mobiles Without Going to servicing Centers, or Repairing Shops in Simple way that We will Explain All Information on this Article Guys, Best App To Repair Hardware In Any Android Devices.



Best App To Repair Hardware In Any Android Devices :

  • Guys To Check Hardware issues and Repair that problems there is no Features On Our Normal Devices.
  • So we need to Download Small application through this app you can Detect all problems in mobile by single tap.
  • No need worry about application Finding on browsers or anywhere friends, we will Provide application link.
  • Through That link By tapping One click Download app directly in to Mobile.



Repair Hardware



Information About This Repair Hardware Application :

  • Guys This app will Really Repair all hardware and Software problems like General, Professional and other Issues that Your mobile will Detected.
  • This app Status on Playstore is with 4.3 Plus Rating ,Superb Rating will Given By Only used users 4.3 out 5 rating.
  • There are 1 Million Plus It means Ten Lakh Plus Users are Downloaded app from Playstore and Using without any Issue.



Application Developed And Released By :

  • This Application was developed by IDea Mobile Tech Inc management and they also launched on May 12, 2015.
  • Application will contains only 13 mb mobile data, So easily download by only spending Thirteen Mb Internet Data Guys.
  • There are 47 K Plus Reviews are Available on Playstore and written by users only Friends so you may check the application Status.




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Now Downloading Process In Playstore :

  • So friends, Now Open Mobile Playstore after connected with Internet or Connect with WIFI Just we need internet to download application Guys.
  • Then After Connected with Internet Open Playstore will Opens, Click on Search Bar At top of the screen.
  • System Keyboard will Comes Automatically, on that Keyboard Type application name is Phone Doctor Plus.
  • Guys Type this name as it is to load faster.



Installation Format In Playstore :

  • Then Playstore will loads Some Similar applications too, but our app at first place on Top of the screen Friends.
  • So Press On app to enter on next page, Then in next page install button will appear at below app.
  • To download you must click on install Option and Wait few time to download application on your devices.



Repair Hardware



After Downloaded Repair Hardware Permissions Required : 

  • So Friends Then after some Time later app will successfully download on the Playstore with updated page.
  • On the updated page you have uninstall and Open Options, may be you know which one need to click on.
  • On next step tap on Open Option guys to use this excellent app.
  • App will Loads one two seconds and privacy policy permission will Apperaed with popup Message.
  • Finally Click on tick box and press on agree Button at bottom, Guys if any More Permissions will Required, On that we will Explain How to give.



How To Check And Repair Hardware Issues :

  • Thenafter Completed the Small minor permissions, application Homescreen will entered with various types of Features and settings.
  • Now We will Explain all the Features working and using process detailly as you understand.
  • At Starting Application Homescreen will have on Search icon feature so we will Come From starting Icon.
  • So Guys Click on Dollar Icon features starting point , From this You can check Appearance and Function test of Your Screen and Function like Speaker , Mic etc..





Hardware Feature How It Works :

  • Now Press On Phone Icon at Second Place on features Guys, then you able to see Hardware Ratings on Mobile.
  • Four Options Will have they are Battery health Testy Storage, CPU and Mobile data options.
  • Coming to first option click on battery Health option this will Shows all you Mobile battery stratus, temperature ,Volts, MAH, etc..
  • If you want Test and Solve this Problems then click on Test button to solve.



Settings Icon Will Uses For :

  • With The help of this settings icon, Check all functions and actions are working Properly or Not.
  • On Tapping Single Tap on Inspect Button Check all parts are original or not Guys.
  •  This will uses when you give the mobile for repair Shops to repair mobile for some Issues.
  • Then They will have a chance to remove original parts and place dummy parts, so that mobile will damaged.
  • So with this app check immediately after repairing completed easily by single press on inspect.





Search Icon For What :

  • Guys Search icon will have on 4th place of Features, no need to confuse we are explaining step by step feature .
  • On search feature you have two options they are General and professional ,To Use professional we need to login.
  • But to Use General no need any log in simply click on List option and Check the actions of all of your mobile.



Cleaner Feature In Repair Hardware Application  :

  • This feature will known to all maybe, Because it will Have on Mobile Features option too.
  • Usually This feature will Used to clean all Applications In System and Third party applications Trash Cleaning Purpose.
  • You have Scan and Clean Trash Options at bottom Simply  tap on Scan to Detect all trash and then click on Clean trash to remove easily.





Battery Icon Working Format :

  • This Feature will Stops Over heating By turning on First option guys , So this will Useful to you.
  • Then next Check all Battery Darning Problems too and solve them by Single press on this excellent application.
  • Like this way save the battery health and phone performance and other functions.



Finally Conclusion About This Repair Hardware Application :

  • So finally Friends in This way application will works and app have very useful features.
  • Now its time to try on your mobile , So Let’s try this application and increase battery and check functions testing and other features.
  • If you need this type of Applications For more daily in our channel.
  • Then Dont forget to Subtribe and Turn on Bell Icon for more Upcoming Superb Interesting applications.





Best App To Repair Hardware In Any Android Devices


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