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How to launch any app with volume buttons

How to launch any app with volume buttons


Hello Guys, welcome to our channel tech in telugu lets discuss most interesting and new fantastic settings tricks about our volume buttons, so what are they & what the uses all will be detailly explained in this article How to launch any app with volume buttons.



How to launch any app with volume buttons :

  • regularly we use mobile by touching and swiping screen.
  • some times if display damages or not working properly times we cant do anything with mobile guys.
  • so mostly even the screen not functioning our volume buttons will works good.
  • according to mobile settings volume buttons will runs only for increasing and decreasing media, music, sound.
  • but we tell new thing that we could make miracle with volume keys such that we can open any app, camera, games, etc.
  • additionally use them as multiple functioning keys for adjust brightness, notifications, toggle Bluetooth and many etc..



volume buttons



benefits of volume buttons application :

  • for suppose when your in traffic or in heavy sunlight the mobile screen will not appears clearly, comparatively to room.
  • because we cant dial numbers, not able to do nothing thats why this volume keys can helps to on shortcuts, for adjust brightness etc..
  • in additionally with out wasting time by searching mobiles apps, we can launch selected app by pressing buttons.
  • when back, recent, home options not working in your mobile, this volume buttons app could fullfill your tension.



installation method of volume buttons application :

  • Now jump to playstore app which usually uses for downloading new applications.
  • when you entered to it on upper middle you’ll find the search bar guys.
  • do touch on it & write Button Mapper: Remap your keys and begin loading it.
  • from Flar2 this app gonna developed , launched at 22 october 2016.
  • playstore rated it has 4.0, according to people voting’s.
  • addition than 10L+ plus people have installed it before & day by day downloading’s also increasing.
  • after observing this options & finded out this correctly press install guys.




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what are permission required :

  • swipe out all the pages that found while opening application.
  • in thrid step you get permissions page.
  • so allow the AutoStart permission for button mapper.
  • in addition also grant select button from the list and choose no restrictions for battery, accessibility settings permit too friends.



using procedure of volume buttons application :

  • reback after giving accessibility permit guys.
  • then all the options shown on the first place.
  • now its time to set the volume button up features.
  • what ever you want to do with it by turning on customize option.
  • with single we could take mobile to home, back, turn sleep, power dialog, assistant, voice typing, cut, etc..
  • in this manner you could set shortcut buttons in your own way.



volume buttons



various actions with volume buttons options :

  • in the exact way of above, you could do following other buttons settings too.
  • if you require more additional shortcuts then choose add buttons & create.
  • coming to screen off actions, to turn of mobile off just press volume buttons single, double & long press.
  • to stop increasing volume whether phone is in lock mode.
  • then go for Suppress volume change it makes try not to change volume while screen off.



volume buttons application conclusion :

  • for more features you should carry on with pro version.
  • but to use it we need to purchase pro for some amount.
  • later taking subscription make miracles with volumebuttons.
  • finally will come back along with another new topic which uses same like this application friends.
  • dont miss to follow our content take care bye.





volume buttons

How to launch any app with volume buttons

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